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[外交部MOFA] Thank you friends

Day 2,562, 07:30 Published in China China by Ministry of Foreign Affairs CN

Today we won the landing air-strike battle against Ireland.
Recently we the peace-loving people of eChina had been attacked by the blatantly unjust coalition of Croatia, Chile, Turkey and Paraguay.
Although we struggled to resist against the invaders over the months, the enemy forces overwhelmed us and trolled against our nation and alliance maliciously.

Nevertheless, we never abandoned the rebuilding effort, and with the help kindly offered by the current leadership and the people from the Asteria and LETO alliance, we were able to stand back on the map by landing in Europe, and once more shall we pursue victory in our front and all fronts of the alliance.
The eChina administration and eChinese people would like to say a great thank you to the Alliance of Asteria and LETO, and people of all allied states of Asteria and LETO.
Without your assistance we would never been able to stand up so quickly, and your generous act of helping shows the enemies our allegiance, loyalty, unity, and above all, BROTHERSHIP, best than all words.

Hail Romania!
Hail Brazil !
Hail China!
Hail Argentina!
Hail Greece!
Hail Slovenia!
Hail Serbia!
Hail Iran!
Hail Hungary!
Hail Norway!
Hail RoC!
Hail Sweden!
Hail Asteria!
Hail LETO!



Mike Zhang
Mike Zhang Day 2,562, 08:38

Hail Argentina!
Hail Brazil !
Hail China!
Hail Greece!
Hail Romania!
Hail Serbia!
Hail Slovenia!
Hail Hungary!
Hail Asteria!
Hail Iran!
Hail Norway!
Hail RoC!
Hail Sweden!
Hail LETO!

SDCM Day 2,562, 08:42

Thank you friends!

Whisky Warrior Day 2,562, 09:37

Comment deleted

Darth Vader
Darth Vader Day 2,562, 11:38


Arrlo Day 2,562, 16:02

Hello, it's nice to have somewhere to write this.

I don't think there has been any examination of WHY China was a target for these (or any) countries. In this article you call it an unjust coalition, and you talk about "brothership" from your allies. I'm going to try to give you a different perspective on WHAT has happened to China and WHY.

For months before Asteria or Sirius were formed, Croatia and China co-existed peacefully as friends in Asia. However, the Croatian government attempted many, many times to try to find a way to share the bonuses in the region with China. Several plans were drawn up which would ensure China had full bonuses, but ceding some of their occupied regions to Croatia to give us more than the 30/20 bonuses we had. Each attempt to contact the Chinese government was a struggle. We were often ignored, our messages received no reply, and when we did get some response, it was always late and always seemed like conversation between our countries was an imposition on the Chinese government.This was the beginning of the bad feeling that grew between us.

A cooperation to share the rich bonus regions in Asia between us would have allowed China to continue playing in peace, while Croatia, a country better prepared to fight, could have protected ourselves and China and created a fortress in the region. It would have benefited us both.

After this, in the beginning of the formation of the new alliances, rumours started that Croatia was going to PTO China. This was (at the time) false, and was seized upon by people who wanted China to abandon neutrality and join Asteria at any cost. Well look what the decision has cost today. Instead of staying out of the alliances and maintaining friendly ties with her former friends, China was tricked and coerced into choosing to join Asteria. Your allies in Asteria have several fronts with Croatia, Turkey and Chile, yet not a single one of them has attempted to help China. What "brothership" is this?

LeonGTX Day 2,562, 16:28

What's done is done, your explanation not solving any thing, what's the point typing so much useless words to show YOUR perspective.
What about another ignore?
Cmon, we all know this game sux, why so serious? Put some political bs here is really a joke to others.

Arrlo Day 2,562, 16:32

Calling a different view on things "political bs" is a bit unfair. I thought it might be interesting to give an explanation of why we arrived at this situation, but if you're not interested in a different perspective that's ok. Maybe others will be. o7

offside Day 2,562, 22:29

No matter what eC had done to eCroatia, eC never tried to invade or help to invade eCroatia. So, what you said is just show you and your country is orrogant. Nothing else.

Thanks a lot for the help from eCroatia since I joined the game, I will never forget is. But, obviously, the freindship is over.

Arrlo Day 2,562, 22:53

It depends by what you mean "help", because I am sure Serbian battles to invade Croatia were campaign of the day in China. The arrogance you talk about isn't limited to one side either. Best wishes.

offside Day 2,563, 23:43

Sorry, maybe I just didn't even notice eC set such a COD. I am not sure about what you said. I never fought against eCroatia, untill it invaded eC. I thinks lots of eC player did the same.

Even eC did set those COD, it was eC's duty as an ally member.

We never blame eCroatia invade eC a betrayal. It's your right as an oppenent country. Need not to justify it by eC refuse your resouce sharing plan.

Have you ever try to understand why eC refuse the plan?

Rusto Day 2,563, 02:28

Please, stop this BS. First you guys tell me that you attacked us because some guy trolled you, now you talk that it happen just because you want our territory. What you going say next time?

Arrlo Day 2,563, 10:44

I don't care what other people have said, I'm trying to give a more comprehensive list of reasons as to why our relations went from good, to ok, to cool, to all out war. This was a long process and, as in any change in bilateral relations, there is never one reason and never one wholly guilty party.

If you don't want to read or understand, don't bother, but calling my view "BS" is arrogant and plain rude.

fred4418 Day 2,563, 10:22

so, what i read here is, "you dont want to share your resources with me, although you allowed so many Croatian get chinese citizenship, so, what i gonna do is firstly, Invade your country and take the things you dont wanna give me, secondly, PTO your government thousands of times, all of these things is because you own me"

Such poor excuses, dude.
You had never consider what problems might be brought to EC if we take your plan,
and you have no idea how shocking for EC people when they find their honest "friend" invade them.

For EC, politic is politic, friend is friend, we would like to keep friendship with all countries, even if you are on that side of battlefield, because Croatia is our friend. and i believe that nobody here is interesting to fight against Croatia when you try to liberate your own land.-- maybe you can tell me how much damage that EC people do in this campaign?

So,finally,what i gonna say is
We takes 3 years to fade enmity with Serbia, because they invaded us,
and i believe it will take much more time on this situation,
because you are not only invade, but betray us.

Arrlo Day 2,563, 11:07

If the complaint about resources is all that you retained from my entire comment then you haven't grasped the whole situation that I described.

As for friendship, after going through what we went through in the months leading up to and including your joining of Asteria, without any contact, any word or any statement of your intentions towards us in joining the enemy alliance, keeping anything like "friendship" was impossible on our side.

Finally, if you want to talk fatalistically about how long it will take to repair our relations then that's your choice, but I think that as I can accept you have grievances, you have to understand that we feel we have them too, and therefore it would take both sides to show willing to improve the situation.

fred4418 Day 2,563, 11:34

so, plz let me conclude you idea.
1. resource problem
2. Join Asteria without any statements

so, what i gonna say is,
Firstly, i understand what your feeling, especially for no statement, if it is true.

Secondly, From the voting of whole EC people,it could believe that EC people consider friendship with Croatia, because more than 45% people voting for stay with your side, the other side is ROC, i think you can understand how EC people value the friendship with you, and how hard the choice make.

finally, i do believe that, if EC in the same situation like Croatia, we will not PTO your government, and we will not invade your country, although there is a little disappoint for no statement.

i have to say i understand your feeling.
but, it seems
we have completely different definition toward the term "Friendship"
One is friendship overweigh politic factors.
the other one is politic (even tiny disappointment) overweigh friendship.

that is.

fred4418 Day 2,563, 11:46

for my personal view of point.
There is nothing called "repair relations" with somebody who betray and invade us, especially with such poor excuses.

In real, America invade Iraq with the word "Freedom“ and "Democracy", but invade is invade, the action could not become holy by such a naive excuse.

whatever, I will fight against invaders.

Hide.D Day 2,562, 18:11


R4ger Day 2,562, 18:53

Let the noob speak alone, let him things that he is right!!

Arrlo Day 2,562, 22:50

Greece and Romania can NE Turkey to help, haven't and won't. Serbia and Slovenia can NE Croatia to help, haven't and won't. Argentina and Brazil can NE Chile, haven't and won't. Did I miss any Asteria country? Facts speak for themselves, doesn't matter if a noob says them.

R4ger Day 2,563, 23:22

Good morning,
hhmm ok you know sorry but i wasn't speaking to you. I was just kidding with Zhang.

Nevermind, nice to see you active.

Arrlo Day 2,563, 23:26

Pardon me. 🙂

Mr. Indigo
Mr. Indigo Day 2,562, 20:49

Congrats, and lets do our best to make things work out for you. 🙂

daoy Day 2,562, 21:06


Master_luck Day 2,562, 21:35

translate server error

anatin Day 2,563, 23:49


Mokou Fujiwara
Mokou Fujiwara Day 2,563, 00:50


Rusto Day 2,563, 02:32

Lets destroy this (Croatia, Chile, Turkey) ISIS countries and save the world o7

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