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[MoFA] Regarding the Turkish MPP

Day 1,653, 15:15 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Turkish MPP is an issue that has been discussed a little in past between people of Irish governments. We were informed a few weeks ago from oglia who speaks Turkish that she knows people there from their government and they are willing to have a discussion with us. Irish government is open to this (having a dialogue with Turkey) but we believe we will need time and allow for our congress to discuss many things before we will be able to finally sign the MPP with Turkey. In Ireland, our policy is that every new MPP must first be discussed with the government and congress. We believe that NO ONE has the right to act selfishly and on his own ever, but especially without informing first the CP, congress, or the Ministry that may be currently working on those issues. If anyone has questions then they should first ask their own government about something and should not directly contact the foreign country. Unfortunately, what has happened, has happened and now we are left to work to repair the damage and find a way to solve the grievous misunderstanding with Turkey for the benefit of our small, but precious, community.

In the following days members of our government will contact Turkey in an attempt to open dialog with them and once that has happened, we will inform everyone in Ireland about what has been discussed. While it appears that there are many differences between us, we do have something in common - we both are leaves of the same tree and we respect our alliance and fight for the same friends. Neither Ireland nor Turkey wants to cause problems in the Brotherhood of EDEN. However, things like this must be discussed first between the governments and not between congresses of the 2 countries.

We are aware that people are disappointed here in Ireland because for months it appears that EDEN gives priorities to Turkey and other countries and ignores Ireland repeatedly. While Ireland does not ask for help often, when we have recently requested help it seems that EDEN was not listening. However, we know that is not the fault of Turkey as they are not the ones deciding where priority was to be given.

If any member of congress has any question or wants to debate anything, they can visit our forum or contact either Ethel Rosenberg or columbia and express your thoughts.

Finally, to avoid future misunderstandings it is always better to trust the CP that has been elected by our community and the cabinet he or she has chosen to help with his or her work, leaving financial issues for the MoF, NE issues for MoD, MPP issues for MoFA, new player issues for MoNC, etc. Any subject must be discussed first between congress members on our forum.

Congressmen that have requested access on forum so far have been accepted and old congressmen who are not elected this term have been removed from the list.

Ministers of Foreign Affairs



Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,653, 15:17

classy but...
It will take more time to sign MPP with Turkey, not just because of behaviour of some their representatives, also as sign on rebellion against current HQ members...

Sir Arthur William Currie
Sir Arthur William Currie Day 1,653, 15:18


igor7 Day 1,653, 15:20

voted o/

Eagna Day 1,653, 15:25


windfall Day 1,653, 15:25


Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,653, 15:32

Finally a detached and sensible explanation and (ignoring the first comment from the MoD) I am happy that the MoFA at least seem to able to leave personalities out of this and are striving to do what needs to be done whatever that is..

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,653, 15:39

columbia and I work hard at our jobs, even though we joke about being lazy bitches... 😛

BOUD1CCA Day 1,653, 15:49

Don't ignore the first comment from our MoD.
It is a valid point of view.
Also, what would be the effect on Irish relations with Bulgaria

columbia Day 1,653, 15:53

Louise this is the reason we havent signed mpp with Turkey yet,we are not saying we will sign it immediately ,we just need to talk eventually either we like it or not,we will always respect Bulgaria

Don Pedrokus Nerod
Don Pedrokus Nerod Day 1,653, 16:58

In Chile we stand with Ireland and his brave soldiers!!! You will recive my help and all the help that I would get in this difficult moments.

Viva Irlanda!!!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,653, 17:00


What part of my comment is worth to ignore for you?

1. So much time Turkish representatives insulted eIreland on public channels
2. When Turkey have war, there isn't other prio for EDEN, HQ obviously feel like they can do anything, also their recent sentences like "Don't fight for Ireland" will not make us sign MPP with them...

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,653, 17:01

@Louise Brooks - While we respect our Bulgarian friends, they have chosen a different path. I respect that decision, but Ireland voted to stay in EDEN, and we respect our EDEN allies - all of them.

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Day 1,653, 17:38

Irish people were allways men with honour... Even if we are on the different sides now, I can't say nothing but: RESPECT, IRELAND ! o/
P.S. If only the other leaves of the tree were like you...

Bigmike727 Day 1,653, 19:05

Great article, very informative

Sinan Simpsoni
Sinan Simpsoni Day 1,653, 22:40

"we both are leaves of the same tree" ... weren't you leaves on the same tree when u decided to stick with Bulgaria?! 😃

columbia Day 1,653, 22:43

No Didey,Turkey became full member of EDEN after Bulgaria had left the alliance

Sinan Simpsoni
Sinan Simpsoni Day 1,653, 22:48

And as I remember u didn't signe mmp with them after .. so your whole argument with "we both are leaves of the same tree" dosen't stand .. you never truly acepted Turkey and I don't think you ever will. [maybe when someone will stop poking around and mind there own bussines, Irland will try to get cloaser to Turkey 😉]

Despot Tiranov
Despot Tiranov Day 1,653, 22:52

There is columbia, there is a vote.

columbia Day 1,653, 22:52

Last night again Turkish people fought against us and also they havent asked this mpp yet all this time

Sinan Simpsoni
Sinan Simpsoni Day 1,653, 23:03

Sure columbia :-" .. blame the country for 2-3 guys .. that's the way to do it in diplomacy 😉 [btw: why did u left greece and when will u go join bulgaria?!😃]

columbia Day 1,653, 23:14

They were people accused the Turkish CP for his action a couple of days ago,I never did as you can see,there are people accused that is Turkey that always take prios into EDEN ,I never accused them for this,so stop trying to change my words,I never blamed the whole country

ps I am not gonna explain for another 100 times why I left Greece ,it is a totally different community here that I just happen to like more,who knows where will I be in future or if I go anywhere else

Sinan Simpsoni
Sinan Simpsoni Day 1,653, 23:30

Well ofc, turkey had the most important Priori. in EDEN the last week - u know del. Bulgary and stuff like that 😛. Don't be a hater, EDEN fights for all .. wait your turn 😉 😃

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,654, 00:06

@ Mufc. My comment refers to the fact that in this article the MoFAs are trying to be diplomatic in their language. Something they succeeded in and after reading it I was left with the impression that even with the "history" that the gov are working to improve relations and to get to a point that the ratcheting of tensions has stopped.

Then I read your comment which, IMHO, undermines this worthy effort

MU F C imho this was not the article to give what I accept are deeply held views

Ronisu Day 1,654, 00:07

I will definitely be participating in the discussions in the forums, I think there is a lot to consider and discuss here.

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,654, 00:15


There are military and diplomatic aspects of game, don't mix it brah ;😉)

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,654, 00:26

@mufc both do mix and must mix and be complimentary to each other

mostates Day 1,654, 01:31

Just asking out of curiosity, what will you discuss about a bilateral protection agreement with Turkish representatives? will you ask payment or region?

You are sailing away to unknown in Bulgarian boat, like they care about Ireland.

columbia Day 1,654, 01:33

DIdey yes they had prio last week,as they had prio previous month as they have prios much more often than others,they had war with bulgaria,we had war with seeden ,we only asked once help but the orders into eden were "dont fight for ireland anywhere",they onl wanted to use our battle as drain dmg for turkey's war

columbia Day 1,654, 01:34

lumninara when we will talk with Turtkey everyone will be informed what has ben discussed 🙂

mostates Day 1,654, 01:35

ie you don't know either : /

rtdimitrov Day 1,654, 03:01

There are a traitors,there isn't a vote

Sinan Simpsoni
Sinan Simpsoni Day 1,654, 03:02

columbia I just think you are jelly and want eden's attention ... xD .. why u no admit?! 🙁

TheManiacBG Day 1,654, 03:44

I advice my Irish Brothers to think for their country and their true Brothers and not for EDEN!! EDEN may still exist but the idea of EDEN was destroyed!! EDEN is dead! The Brotherhood is dead!! That is why Canada left..that is why Bulgaria left!! By the way that is why Bosnia and Australia also left!!

Didey why u no admit that you are complete jackass?!

columbia Day 1,654, 03:58

Didey i just need equal support nothing more nothing less

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,654, 04:37

When will cunts who have never been e-Irish in their lives learn to fuck out our bizniz?

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Day 1,654, 08:46

"Lumninara when we will talk with Turtkey everyone will be informed what has ben discussed"

" Irish government is open to this (having a dialogue with Turkey) but we believe we will need time and allow for our congress to discuss many things before we will be able to finally sign the MPP with Turkey."

These two seem like they wont be happening, nothing has been said on the forum bar a thread I started asking why are we not discussing a topic that has caused so much problems for us in EDEN.

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,654, 15:52

Marcus, sorry for my tardy response - but I indeed posted a response for you.

Ian E Coleman
Ian E Coleman Day 1,655, 13:43

eTurkey seems very willing to take part in an MPP with us, just based on the incident where their CP accidentally proposed one.

It seems to me that this issue is causing more internal issues than it should. If eIreland wants to cement its commitment to EDEN by signing an MPP with eTurkey, than I think its been established that that is a respectable course of action, and I think it would be to eIreland's benefit.

If eIreland wants to hold off on an MPP with eTurkey, that's ok with me too.

klop123 Day 1,655, 15:06

bizniz is not business ^__^

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