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[MoFA] Reform in ambassadorial program / We need you for our diplomacy!

Day 1,878, 15:07 Published in Philippines Philippines by kb1992


Today I want to present you our ambassadorial program after a little reform. I would like to know who is interested in this work. I hope that this time we will have a complete set of ambassadors in all possible regions 🙂 I believe that we have many active players who want to demonstrate their skills in diplomatic work.

The number of regions is the same as before:

Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Bolivia)

South East Asia and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand)

Middle East and South Africa (Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Turkey, UAE, South Africa)

Asia (Pakistan, China, Taiwan, India, Japan, South Korea, North Korea)

Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, United Kingdom, Ireland)

Western Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia)

Eastern Europe (Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania)

Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia)

1. Ambassadors will send their reports by google docs (they will get the appropriate link).
2. The required number of reports per month is four (one report per week recommended).
3. After sending, the report will be verified by the Country President and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
4. If the report will be accepted, the ambassador will receive 200 PHP for it (so monthly you can earn up to 800 PHP for reports).
5. Accepted reports will be published in official articles of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
6. Here is template of correct report:

Who wants to serve our diplomacy? 😉

If you have any question or suggestion, please write to me.

MoFA of Philippines


Wilhelm Fink.
Wilhelm Fink. Day 1,878, 15:20

Good job,

Metanoia Antoine
Metanoia Antoine Day 1,880, 09:42

Want to joinMr.Minister, I want to help you back in this

Chunihin Day 1,880, 12:03

I am not that good in diplomacy. : s

Good luck. o/

Yam Martin
Yam Martin Day 1,909, 09:59

I can try to talk to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia

Jrevealed Day 1,922, 23:49

Can I have Greece?

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