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[MoFA] Necessary Evils and Necessary Goods:

Day 1,819, 08:09 Published in Malaysia United Kingdom by Greatmoff

Necessary evils and Necessary goods.

I’m writing this article to give an overview of our recent foreign affair decisions and to give some explanation as to why we’ve done what we have.

I have broken this down into two sections. Necessary evils and Necessary goods.

Necessary Evils:

First of all for the necessary evils, I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your attention news of the NAP signed between China and Croatia on one side, and Indonesia and Malaysia on the other.

I’d like to state that it is not without lack of serious thought and consideration of all options available that the government has come to the decision to sign the agreement.

The term for this agreement is a NAP. Despite this Malaysia was in no position to bargain here. After many weeks of fighting Romania and Croatia successfully and drawing on a lot of allied support Indonesia is in need of time to rest, rebuild their finances and to repay their allies by fighting in their battles.

Indonesia could have signed a NAP quite easily with Croatia without any mention of Malaysia, however Indonesia insisted on the condition that Malaysia was included in the NAP guaranteeing our survival. Croatia had no interests in preserving the independence of Malaysia and it is ONLY on the instance of Indonesia that we will remain independent. For the support which they have given us in recent weeks both militarily and diplomatic we thank our allies in Indonesia.

Malaysia’s position following the basic terms of the treaty was one with no room for manoeuvrability. The treaty effectively boiled down to an ultimatum of ‘accept of we wipe you’ from Croatia.

This doesn’t mean that the eMalaysian government supports Croatia or its place in SE Asia, far from it. The meaning of this NAP is that the government has made a very difficult and very unpleasant decision for the good of the country.

To make it clear, we could not have negotiated any other deal, and any attempts to fight Croatia would lead to our complete wipe and occupation.

I personally believe that a country’s value lies not in its influence on the battlefield but in its ability to keep to its word and to be dependable to its allies. For this reason I call on all eMalaysians to honour the NAP and to expect the other countries who signed the deal to do the same.

Necessary goods:

Moving on to a more positive note, we have been working on improving our international relations with nearby countries and to developing new friendships.

The reason for this is at the end of Firebourne’s term there was an overwhelming yes response to the referendum on joining an alliance. This means it is time for Malaysia to awaken on the international scene once more.

To this measure we have spoken with nearby countries and looked into opportunities for us to co-operate with them militarily in the future.

Our first act towards this happened yesterday when Japan asked for help in liberating the region of Kanto and Malaysia answered.


Japan is a country which has been in a similar if not worse state than eMalaysia. It has been completely wiped and occupied by Taiwan for over two months now. As a small country which has been on the wrong side of a lengthy occupation this is something we can relate and sympathise with.

In order to boost our relations with Japan I called upon the eMalaysian population to rise up in support of our neighbours. It is fair to say that Malaysia is not a big nor an especially strong country, but we still gave what we could and gave an account of ourselves on the battlefield.

Some of (but not all of) our fighters include:

This means that Malaysia a small country rallied itself and dealt over 10 million damage for Japan. I understand that huge amounts of damage were dealt in this battle on both sides, and this is but a drop in the bucket by comparison, but I hope this can be the beginning of a budding friendship between the small but proud countries of Japan and Malaysia.

(It is time for Malaysia to join one of these).

I thank you for reading, and I apologise that some of the news leaves a very bitter taste in our mouth. Being part of the government isn’t always easy, and it does mean making unpleasant choices. Unfortunately we have been left with no choice but to tell you the truth rather than what you want to hear. The NAP is a necessary evil.

-Co MoFA Malaysia-



Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,819, 08:28


Eraclev Day 1,819, 08:35

Indonesia will always support malaysia as Brother..
We know we have problem in the past, and in RL but its just RL matter right ??
Dont bring problem to game, just have fun and have a friend..

Than you will become 3rd Country in SE Asia that have a superpower o7

Friendship will never wiped from the map..

Indonesian President
Demon war..

Tan Wee Lip
Tan Wee Lip Day 1,819, 08:37

V I joined in Japan RW too but forgot to screenshot 🙂
Good job on the NAP. I hope all eMalaysian understand our situation.
Believe the government and our cp.

Atsalenios Day 1,819, 09:38


Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,819, 10:33

well said.. o7

Firebourne Day 1,819, 10:53

I said, it was a naive deal. It was accepted mainly because we didn't nor do we have much of a choice. The President did everything he could to get the best he could for eMalaysia. For that, we must thank him. However, there's no harm in being extra cautious. Personally, I doubt eCroatia will hold up their end of the bargain since there's no absolute reason for them to do so. The NAP to me, is nothing more than a "break" from the war in South East eAsia.

Greatmoff Day 1,819, 12:54

Firebourne that really is all a NAP is, it's a temporary break, this is no peace deal and it has a set deadline when it runs out.

It isn't naive, we know it's limitations, and we know it's not especially good for us, but it was the best option of a bunch of terrible options.

Shirobu Day 1,819, 15:15

Thank you Malaysia for your support, we will return the favor in time

mhifzan Day 1,819, 17:37


MiVEX Day 1,820, 03:59


Haryati Abd Hardy
Haryati Abd Hardy Day 1,820, 04:25

What i was most pissed about was the way the NAP was handled. In the old days, something this big would have been informed to the citizens before the congress voted. That way, the citizens would have been able to weigh their options. This country doesn't just belong to the congress members. And this issue isn't just about deciding on which country to have MPP or NE with. Or which country to support in DO. It is about losing 2/3 of our region. A region which we tried so hard to get back.

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 1,820, 06:26

Haryati, i need your help. will you help me??

Haryati Abd Hardy
Haryati Abd Hardy Day 1,820, 21:44

What help do you need? Have to ask first. Before I agree. Want me to become eSpy? 😛

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