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[MoFA] March Ambassador Reports II

Day 1,953, 20:36 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

In this latest article, we will be sharing interviews and statements from our ambassador team.

Interviews and Statements will include:

An interview with the VP of Germany
Ambassador: Lord Scego
Official: NeueN

An interview with the VP of France
Ambassador: Biker2446
Official: flasckq

A statement from the CP of the Netherlands
Ambassador: Liam Tatlock
Official: van Spijck

Lord Scego:
Could you start by introducing yourself what have you done previously in Erepublic and how are things in Germark ?

I am NeueN and as I see by accident I am playing this game for almost 4 years.
In RL I am a 25 year old guy from northern germany.
Ingame I have experienced a lot in erepublik. I was in the congress several times, was Minister of Interieur, Minister of Community, Minister of Defense and now I am Minister of Foreign Affairs in our union with Denmark, called Germark.

Well, Germark itself is not that big ingame as poland occupies some of our regions. But this is ok as we have a treaty with them that ensures us to be on the map. Thats a good thing for us.
Like nearly every ingame country we are suffering from a loss of player and we are searching for an alliance. That is actually hard work for uns in the ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Anyway our Union is doing ok. These are exciting times for us.

Lord Scego:
What is your personal opinion on Ireland ?

In RL I really love Ireland. I had a job interview a few weeks ago for a job in south western Ireland 😃

To be honest I cannot say much about Ireland ingame. Haven't dealt with you guys so much. But it would be great if we can change this in the near future.
What I experienced is that you are proud guys who stand up for their convictions and I totally respect that.

Lord Scego:
How does the Germark population feel towards Ireland ?

The german population is impressed by your will to fight even if it's hopeless.
To shorten it, they think that you have cojones as big as those of an elephant. 😉

Lord Scego:
What alliance would you like Germark to be in and why ?

As our CP stated in his articles we are looking forward to join CoT and therefore we are trying to sign as many MPPs with CoT members as possible.

Lord Scego:
How is Germark functioning internally ?

Germark is a small country. Our government is made of the same people for many months and even years now. This allows us a steady and loyal path in our foreign affairs. We try the best to involve the congress into the decision-making process. Also we do our best to involve our danish friends. For example we have a law that defines that we have to post every government article in german and english. Besides politics we have two stronger Military Units with the BC and the FSK. As a last point I want to thank you for interviewing me and giving me the chance to say Hello to the irish people. We are really looking forward to intensify your contact with you. If anyone of you have a question just Query me on the IRC or PM me ingame. Thanks again and Sláinte

Can you introduce yourself briefly?

biker Hi, hello to all and thank you for ITW 🙂

I am flasckq, an old player attracted by the appearance of PRRS policy simulation and remaining on the game for friends met (IG or IRL). Now return to politics as VP of eFrance friendship for the CP after a hiatus of several months without responsibilities (except troll governments in place:p).

IRL I am Jean-Philippe, 30 years old, single (ladies, I remain at your disposal: 3) working as a warehouseman in the south of France.

France, like Ireland, in any formal alliance. How do you organize in the future to address this lack (to join an alliance project, creating a new ...)

Since the disappearance of Terra alliance without France is not by choice, but by our inability to choose a camp, the population is divided between Eden CoT or neutrality. in all cases we are aware that an alliance is impossible for a middle power, only the big can afford it;)

The position of our government is to enter as soon as Eden also our diplomacy actively probing the member states for their approval. Congress will then validate this option ... The majority of 2/3 seems difficult to achieve, but we are working arguments can tip the scales in favor of this decision.

Can you give us more information about the treaty with Poland?

For details of the agreement you can read this article (end of page, the English version) -sign--2219562/1/20
The agreement provides for the return of three regions Francaises against rental (tens of thousands CC) and a NAP with Poland, Serbia and the UK.
Before the power of our invaders (Poland and Serbia) précedent the government was forced to sign the treaty, considered by many (including me) as a diktat from Poland arrogant and contemptuous.
The current government wants to renew the agreement but by renegotiating the number of regions as well as the rent.

What is the Irish for you and, more generally, for France?

Personally Ireland remains a very good memory because I was president in December 2011 when our two countries when + Canada razed the UK. Cooperation among our three countries was exemplary and I remember this beautiful period with nostalgia 🙂

I think the French have a good opinion of you, we have long fought with you and we respect your fighting spirit, the ability to give everything, even if the task seems difficult.
Then we comparable countries in terms of military power, that is quite low. so we can easily understand.

Are there talks with Serbs for possible parole?

No, except major geopolitical shift, Serbia will continue to occupy the south of France for Aquitaine rubber. Since they have a direct route to our region, restoration of these areas by negotiation seems impossible

In your opinion is it the eFrance historically in this game a country invaded?

Unfortunately, yes, it's been years that we are constantly flooded due to the poisoned gift of Plato. Indeed, France has the only two rubber parts of Western Europe, which attracts necessarily the major nations here.
Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Spain, USA are countries that we invaded for this reason.
As the allocation of resources on the map remain the same, France will be harassed, we have learned to live with. Ca then gives us a good lesson in humility;)

What are your preferences?

1. Serbia or Poland?
2. Ireland or UK?
3. Football or Rugby?
4. Cats or Dogs?
5. Die or die with con?
6. Happiness or intelligence?
7. TWO or TOC?
8. AIDS or cancer?
9. Being obese or anorexic?
10. Windows or Apple?
11. Me or the Queen of England (^ ^)?

1. Serbia, their leaders are less arrogant than the Poles.
2. Ireland of course, both IRL IG.
3. Rugby as the sport vehicle real human values ​​while football is plagued by money.
4. Dogs for their loyalty and their love for their masters.
5. Con die, being neither believer nor a philosopher I prefer to avoid suffering.
6. Happiness certainly.
7. TOC, France will never be alongside our Polish executioners.
8. A disease where they spin morphine to ease the pain, no matter where: P
9. Obesity, anorexia is a terrible psychological pain. Then a French proverb says: "Better to be envied than pitied"
10. No, these two companies are the archetype of unbridled capitalism, all that I hate.
11. ahah, France cutting the head of our kings, so in your opinion? : D

"At first I'd like to congratulate the Irish people with their choice. Yes, CUA is mainly pro EDEN, but no blind sheep that follow mind you. They'll choose their own direction eventually. I'm hoping for a close cooperation between CUA and Asgard. As for my own country, the eNetherlands, we're not going to rush in into any alliance, although we feel alignment with CUA and Asgard, we fight for both of them. Currently we're saving up for a final RW against ze hated pink imperialistic p*gs. As soon as the are too busy, we will ambush their last remaining troops in our occupied territories. They really fear that, so now they are frequently starting RW's in West, so we won't surprise them as we did last week when we freed Eastern, and almost Southern Netherlands. The South will rise again! o7"
- van Spijck, CP of The Netherlands

Do you want to get involved in Foreign Affairs? Help your country? Meet new players from around the world? If so, the ambassador program might be for you. We request that all current ambassadors pm Raven Anarcho, who is currently heading the program. We also request that anyone else that is interested in joining pm as well, with a list of preferable nations. Some nations may no longer be available, but we look to help out everyone as much as we can. We look forward to working with you this term!



Strength and Honour

Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Day 1,953, 23:20

Excellent article...Voted

BOUD1CCA Day 1,954, 02:32

excellent article does credit to everybody involved \o/

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,954, 03:58

Voted. Improving official contacts with other countries can only be good for the country and the players involved to find out a little bit more of other eCountries.

Sei Kaon
Sei Kaon Day 1,954, 04:17

Great V+S from the ambassador of eAlbania in eFrance!
Very interesting article!

Shadowfang Day 1,954, 04:25

V+S! great to know that a possible reaction is out there in Europe, regardless of their military strength, allies should always be welcome.

Shadowfang Day 1,954, 04:25


Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 1,954, 05:14

good work by the MoFa and ambassadors

MUFC992 Day 1,954, 16:12

Good work !

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,954, 16:34

Brilliant. Keep this excellence up.

Tyler Jenkins
Tyler Jenkins Day 1,954, 21:46

Good work indeed! Thanks to you guys for putting the work in.

Jerry Curtis
Jerry Curtis Day 1,955, 01:47

Votado, good job and thx Biker for the translation 😉

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Day 1,955, 17:18

Strength and Honour

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