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[MoFA] June Ambassador Reports II

Day 2,040, 17:20 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Good day, friends and citizens of Ireland. In today's issue we'll be giving the following updates and interviews:

An Update on the Ambassador Program
Official: Raven Anarcho

An interview with the CP of Canada
Ambassador: Raven Anarcho
Official: Oinyo

For the first month in a while we've lost more ambassador than we've gained. Unfortunately, with summer upon us many players do not have the free schedules to commit to the program and have withdrawn temporarily. New openings include:

United States
United Kingdom

The current list of ambassadors is as follows:

Raven Anarcho - Canada, Australia
Liam Tatlock - Netherlands, Sweden
Cry of the Banshee - Philippines, Saudi Arabia, France
D-Glennon - Bulgaria
EmFaMe - India
Cuchullian - Japan
Lord Scego - Germany
Shadowfang - Russia, Ukraine
darragh1995 - South Africa
Buzzgadget - Italy
Tom Crean - Cyprus
Johnny jnr - Belgium, Chile
Wolf29c - Israel, Iran
Vagus Nervous Untitled - Taiwan

If you'd like to help out, gain some foreign affairs experience, and meet some new players from around the world, we'd be glad to have you! Just pm Raven Anarcho. We look forward to working with you this month!


RA: First, what are your thoughts regarding TWO's invasion of the US, and what do you predict as the most likely outcome?

Oinyo: The invasion will probably new TWO a lot of land in the states.. the states will use this opportunity to counter attack the TWO countries and take as much land as they can. Then America will take back their own land and most likely so will the TWO nations and everything will go back to normal.

RA: Spain voted no to NE the US. What are your thoughts on that and has there been any military or diplomatic progress with the Spain as of late?

Oinyo: I have little comment on this. eSpain is a mystery to me and continue to surprise me.

RA: Recently, a poll was done to get Canadian opinion on alliances. Is Canada still trying to move towards CoT, or remain in Asgard?

Oinyo: eCan has decided to stick with ASGARD. We prefer the feeling of small brotherhood rather than be a number in a larger alliance that has no say in anything and is low priority.

RA: What do you think the biggest change in Canada is since you've taken command this term?

Oinyo: Not a whole lot has changed to be honest. it is hard to change a nation quickly as people as a whole dislike change. Even if it is a good thing. For change to happen it has to happen slowly. All I can do is plant the seeds and hope they grow.

RA: A usual question I know, but how do you feel relations are currently with Canada and Ireland?

Oinyo: I think eCan and Ireland are brothers 🙂 Everyone loves you guys here and we feel that it is mutual back.

RA: Lastly, which alliance do you, personally, think the Irish belong in or would like to see us in?

Oinyo: Honestly? COT. Get in now before the war goes full throttle and make a name for yourselves 🙂 Grow, get protection and have fun doing it. it is not fun to be constantly on the losing side and in a small alliance you will learn very quickly you are bottom of the barrel when it comes to the global scene 😛

RA: Thanks for your time as always. o7

Oinyo: My pleasure!
Thank you for the questions 🙂



Strength and Honour

ChrisJF Day 2,040, 17:27

V & S
Hail Ireland!
Hail Canada!

roboz Day 2,040, 18:14

Love reading your articles Raven.
Greetings from eAus o/

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,040, 18:33


Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 2,040, 18:41


Shadowfang Day 2,040, 18:50


Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Day 2,040, 19:49

Cyprus is Greek property so there is no need to have ambassador there...better move have one in Greece.

You also forget to mention Marcus Suridius, Chewie Val and Conway as british ambassadors in britain...yes i said british in britain coz they only serve britain...

For everything else, as State Prior and Cleric of The Word i bless this article with a holy vote...

AD31 the Highlander
AD31 the Highlander Day 2,041, 04:26


Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 2,041, 06:15

Well done Raven. I'll try and get something done soon as I'm getting better slowly.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 2,042, 08:34


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