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[MoFa] Irish FA updates

Day 2,347, 04:05 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Hello dear Irish citizens. I want to keep you updated on the diplomatic competition which didn’t get much interest .. So I changed some of the rules. You can choose a country of your wish and write an article by your choice. If you do you will compete. I also switched the end of the competition till Wednesday 30. April. So just leave a comment with the country you want to write for.

You can see the original article here with all of the countries: plus I added France as an option.

Ambassador programme.
It progresses really slowly, so I will appreciate any new members of the diplomatic corps, I admit I was a little bit lazy. You can see my article here:
So please everyone who wants to become an ambassador please leave a PM adressed to MrYYY(that’s me ..)

On the quick news: Romania is coming to kick us out of Central Europe, so be prepared for some mamaligas to strike back.
Slovenia won’t have a congress this month, due a good organization by Aurora and Sirius members. Brazil unfortunately won’t have one too .. On the other hand there are some LETO members which might be without congress too. Aurora though secured congress for all of its members!

That’s all for now, please leave a comment for the competition and PM about the ambassador programme.
Irish forums:
#Eire.FA in irc to contact the MoFa team
#Eire for the official channel of our country.

Sincerely yours, MrYYY aka Vesko Petkov,
MoFa of Ireland.


Minino. Day 2,347, 14:32

Miau :3

Real Steel 3
Real Steel 3 Day 2,347, 05:46

07 from INDIA!!!1

Maximus.Decimus.Meridius. Day 2,347, 06:07


Bhane Day 2,347, 08:54


DerBrad Day 2,347, 10:05


WafreyBG Day 2,347, 12:08


Bardokva Day 2,347, 12:59

Веско ти ли си бил,а аз се чудя от няколко дни кой беше този МрИИИ )))

Endritt Zekka
Endritt Zekka Day 2,347, 13:33


s4ndu Day 2,347, 13:43

prepare your anus! 🙂


Mr YYY Day 2,347, 13:46

how rude :3

Silv1u20 Day 2,347, 13:49


ilKaiser Day 2,347, 13:52

o/ hi

orangejuicemmm Day 2,347, 14:35

Things proven to have never been effective since 2009:

The Ambassador Program.
Getting people to write articles for you.

Mr YYY Day 2,347, 14:51

Do you really think that this is my goal? Have you even read my article that I linked? I have started my career as an ambassador, I am long term ambassador and I find this work pretty fun. The Ambassador job is not only writing articles, but getting new friends, spreading our country interest. Anyway I will write some articles by myself ..

orangejuicemmm Day 2,347, 14:55

Question. Why do you have Bulgarian citizenship?

Mr YYY Day 2,347, 14:57

I was back to help yo my MU with my damage now I am back. 🙂 and yes my damage counts for the MU which I started the competition in

Harrilal Day 2,348, 10:23

Alas my research has fallen through. Only one of the people who was helping me research the eCountries has responded. As such, I don't feel my entry would be good enough for the know your allies draw.

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