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This article marks the end of a mandate and the begining of another. It is with great pride that I enter the office as the minister of foreign affairs, once again. I want to thank BODA90 for trusting me in November, and now Geezus for mantaining that same trust. I heard that staying for a few months gives me the right to have a sallary for the rest of my life... lets fine out if that information is accurate ahahaha xD

In the term that ends today, and after a failed attempt of entering LETO, we decided to move onward and attempt to enter ASGARD, but ASGARD, trying to mantain neutral to PACIFICA and due to the distance that separates us from them, declined our attempt. But I must inform you that they where extremely polite and nice with eJapan, and kept us informed.

Since it is an alliance of small countries, like ourselves, and due to our previouse relationship with South Korea, we decided to enter ROOT, because we value the importance of allies in this game, and playing with friends is more gratifying than playing alone, although I can confirm that japan won't ever be alone, since its the most united country that I have had the honor of knowing in this game.

We dropped the MPP with Slovenia and Canada, at their request, to save capital. The Serbian MPP was more complicated because we where asked for some time to review the situation. As for the MPP with Norway, we renovated it.
For the next term, I promisse to give my very best to make Japan prosper and evolve, making its mark on a global leve. I will focus only on Japan's best interests, both in the relations with allies and with enemies. We will sign some MPP'S, but during this month our funds will be channeled for other areas. With this in mind, we will only sign necessary MPP'S

As for Root, I will work hard to advance with a closer relationship between them and our great country, Japan, and if possible (and both sides agree) continue investing in our entrance into the alliance.

I finish this article asking you your strenght so that I can continue doing my best, and I assure you that my mailbox is open for you at any time. Dont hesitate when you have critics or doubts, I guarantee that they will be well received.

Best Regards,
[Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan]:

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[MoFA] Information Article