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We are in the middle of the current presidential term so this being said i decided to write this article about what has been done up until now in the MoFA department.

The first task was to try and enter LETO, that was stopped right before this could be formally said since ASTERIA informed that they didn’t want more countries in LETO for now.

We sent formal messages to all the presidents where we got very good feedback in the majority of the answers. We concluded that most countries sees Japan as a friendly country in which they want to maintain a good relation.

We also made formal contact with the Presidents of Portugal, Sweden and Brazil to sign a MPP and dispite different reasons none wanted to sign it.

Also soon enough the MPP’s with Norway, Serbia, Slovenia and Canada will end, however we intend to keep them, so we are taking all necessary measures to ensure the re-signing of the mutual protection pacts.

The current MoFA together with the rest of the cabinet keep working in sync in order to provide the best work that allow us to have a better nation each days that goes by.

Since we are a small community we hope all may take an active part in the future of Japan. This being said we salut all your suggestions and ideas, in which i offer my mailbox ingame for you to use freely.

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[Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan]:

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[MoFA] Information Article