[MoFA-Hungary]The Elbrus Treaty

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The Elbrus Treaty
Rental Agreement regarding North Caucasus

1.1 This agreement is effective immediately upon signing this document and publishing it in the appropiate government newspaper.
1.2 Sides can arrange for revision or abrogation of this treaty till 10th of every month. Othervise rent treaty is automatically prolongated for one month till 10th of next month.

2. The Transmission of North Caucasus to Hungary
the region in the following way:
2.2 Hungary proposes Russia as Natural Enemy and accepts the law.
2.3 Hungary attacks North Caucasus region and conquers it. Russia does not support resistance war in the region.
2.4 Hungary attacks a next region conquers it.
2.5 Hungary starts a resistance war in the conquered region and liberates it.
2.6 Points 2.3 and 2.4 are repeated until the necessary one week passes when Hungary will be able to
2.7 Propose No Natural Enemy law to the congress and accepts it.
2.8 Peace Proposal is started and both Russia and Hungary accepts it.
2.9 If Hungary loses the region before the end of the rental period
2.9.1. Hungary liberates Taurida region, Russia proposes Natural Enemy law on Ukraine, loses the attack, Ukraine attacks North Caucasus, Russia loses, Hungary proposes and accepts Natural Enemy law on Ukraine and takes Taurida, North Caucasus regions. Hungary will assist Russia to defend any region Ukraine might attack after North Caucasus.
2.9.2 Hungary is allowed to propose Russia as Natural Enemy and regain the region the way it is described above in article 2.
2.10.1 Hungary is responsible for winning the necessary battles and liberating regions via Resistance Wars if necessary.
2.10.2 Russia must not during the swap organise defense in North Caucasus, or try to regain it by any means.

3. Payments
3.1 The rental payment will be total 25000 currency for one month.
3.2 Hungary will donate the weekly 6250 currency to the Russian treasury as the rent for that week.
3.3 In case North Caucasus region is (forcefully or according to article 5) liberated Hungary does not have to pay for the period when the region is under Russian controll.

4. Mutual Resistance War neutrality
4.1 Russia will not organize or support resistance war in Hungarian held regions.
4.2 Hungary will not organize or support resistance wars in Russian held regions.

5. Congress election issues
5.1 In case the Russia congress is in danger Hungary starts resistance war in North Caucasus region and liberates it.
5.2 Hungary will regain the region immediately after the congress elections as described in article 2.

6. Termination
6.1 In case the contract is terminated at the end of the rental period a resistance war has to be started in North Caucasus region and Hungary is obliged to liberate the region.


President of Russia

President of Hungary

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