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[MoFA]Guide To... Foreign Affairs!

Day 1,930, 06:30 Published in United Kingdom Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Foreign Office

Hello and welcome to a brand new edition of Guide To…’s. It’s been a while since I’ve written a guide, and this edition comes to you from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is the first Guide To… I’ve done for the MoFA and the first Guide To… I’ve done on the subject of foreign affairs so hopefully this stuff will be new to you and of course benefit your knowledge of this game. So without further to do, I present to you the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Guide To… Foreign Affairs!

The first thing you need to know about in terms of foreign affairs is that there are “teams” of countries called alliances. While they don’t exist in-game yet, they soon will be and have always played a fundamental part of the game and how the world has been shaped. At present in the eWorld there are four active alliances so we will go through them now quickly so you know what we’re talking about!

First of all I will start with the alliance that we belong to; The World is Ours (abbreviated to TWO). It currently houses six countries, including us, and each country is a founding member. It was founded in December 2012 and remains a rather dominant force. It has a supportive alliance too; Associated Countries of TWO (abbreviated to ACT) which is made from trial members of TWO – those countries which wish to be part of TWO that first need to ‘prove’ themselves. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve included a map below. Members of TWO are in red and the trial members are orange.

The current members of TWO are Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, Spain, Serbia and the United Kingdom.
The current members of ACT are Latvia, Estonia, Venezuela, Thailand and Montenegro.

Next we have the largest alliance in the eWorld; Circle of Trust (abbreviated to CoT). It is home to a grand total of 14 countries, with one trial member on the books. It was founded by Bulgaria and Chile after the both left their respective alliances – EDEN and Terra – and has grown considerably since then. Again, there’s a map below to make things nice and pretty. Members are in purple, trial members are in light purple.

The current members of CoT are Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Japan, Indonesia, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Macedonia, Moldova, South Korea and Switzerland.
The current trial member is the USA.

Next we have the oldest alliance in the eWorld; Erepublik Defence & Economy Network (abbreviated to EDEN). It was founded back in September 2009 during V1 of eRepublik and has maintained a presence in the subsequent years and has seen many prominent alliances come and go. It is the second largest active alliance boasting 12 countries. Today only two of the founding nations still belong to the alliance – Romania and Croatia. There’s another map below, the members are in green.

The current members of EDEN are Albania, Columbia, Israel, Taiwan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Turkey, China, Greece, Romania and Ukraine.

Last but not least, we have Asgard. Formed during The Battle of the Alliances! which was a contest created by the eRepublik admins. At the time of writing it only houses two countries as members with two trial members, and is primarily a Scandinavian alliance. As it is so young and small at the moment, there’s little left to say about them otherwise so here’s the map. Member countries are in blue, trial members are in light blue.

The current members of Asgard are Sweden and Finland.
The current trial members are Canada and Norway.

So that’s all the alliances sorted, next we’ll move on to the in-game functions and how they affect foreign affairs. The first thing we’ll look at is war. These days we live in a world of natural enemy which if passed by congress allows a nation to go to war for free, as well as do extra damage against them in battles. Either a congress member or Country President can propose a natural enemy and it requires a super majority (66% of votes) to pass. Once it does, the Country President is required to attack a region otherwise it’ll be done automatically by the server. To propose a NE, you’re required to have at least one neighbouring region for the duration of the war otherwise the war will automatically be ended. Once a NE has passed, you won’t be able to propose a new one for 7 days, even if the war has ended before then.

Other than removing a border, wars can be ended through the use of a peace treaty. When proposing a peace treaty, a country can demand a certain amount of gold from the other nation, though it isn’t mandatory. The final way of ending a war is by wiping the enemy nation, which is where a country is completely removed from the map. Once there’s no more war between countries, they cannot invade regions until the war is started again via use of the Natural Enemy law.

Finally we have alliances or Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs). These are agreements between two nations to help each other if they are attacked or if they do the attacking. Both country's congress members vote on the law at the same time no matter which country proposed the law and once accepted, the countries will be able to fight for each other from their home regions and can only be proposed by country presidents. MPPs cost 10,000 country currency each to sign and last 30 days. Before the 30 days are up, a country president can propose a new MPP with the country so that it is delayed for a further 30 days. Although Alliances have these expiration times, they are automatically cancelled if a country attacks a country which shares a common MPP with itself. MPPs allow allies to fight in battles from their own countries but it does not allow allies to fight in Resistance Wars without moving to the country in which the Resistance War is taking place.

Thanks for reading, this is merely scratching the surface of foreign affairs so I may do a part 2 before the term is out, I’ll see how things go and how people enjoy this article first. If you have anything you’d like to add, or suspect anything above is wrong then feel free to say so and I’ll take the steps to change things.

So thanks again,

MoFA Guy


Foreign Office
Foreign Office Day 1,930, 06:31

Hell Yeah!

WayneKerr Day 1,930, 06:37

like a boss beta...

James Scarlet
James Scarlet Day 1,930, 06:53


BigAnt Day 1,930, 06:56

MoFA making an article wow im shocked after this month!

Guide To... Foreign Affairs! :3 lol

BigAnt Day 1,930, 06:56

Well done Beta

GameChanger Day 1,930, 07:00


This is nice, it talks about what alliances are, not just which ones there are

Jimbobfrey Day 1,930, 07:02

Nice guide! This is really colourful.

ViciousDeeds Day 1,930, 07:14

voted 🙂

Xaeleam Day 1,930, 07:15

Great guide! really nice! V + S

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SDanny Day 1,930, 07:48

Great article! v + s

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 1,930, 08:29

nicely done

Strength and Honour

NonDairyTea Day 1,930, 09:48

Great article bud 🙂

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,931, 05:47

FTW!!! Great article and well worth a vote

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