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[MoFa] Diplomatic competition and more

Day 2,338, 14:19 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Hello eIreland. Today I am writing something different from what you have seen so far 🙂
So today’s topic is about a competition that MoFa of eIreland will organize. It’s diplomatic competition, but really fun 😛.

The competition is called “Know and Respect your allies”
So firstly everyone who wants to participle must have Irish citizenship.

Every citizen who wants to participle will write an article of a country he wants to write for. The article has to include the following things:
-IRL Stuff (History, culture, folklore, food, interesting places, beauty etc etc)
-RL Stuff (History, meetings, people etc etc)

Note that you can write both or one of them, for examplet your article will count if you write only about RL stuff.

Each country will be in a group, the groups are:

Group A: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia & Turkey
Group B: Germany, Poland, Spain & United Kingdom
Group C: Mexico, USA & Indonesia
Group D: Brazil, Chile, Paraguay

Group F : You can add countries here

I added the countries from Aurora and Sirius, the first ones our brothers from our alliance, I will be glad to write something about them and of course to read something about their culture 😛 and Sirius, mainly because they are our allies and it will be good to know something about them 🙂

In the comments below help me choose 3 more countries that will participle. You have 2 days from now, so hurry up 😃.

Look out for more articles of the MoFa for information when the competition will start and how you can participle. The articles in the end of the competition will be voted by eIrish community and they will choose who will be the winner in each group. I will inform our foreign friends for each article and citizen who wrote something about them 🙂

You can ask me about everything about the competition via PM.

Of course the rewards for the winners are not sure how much they will be, it won’t be much ifyou count my finansical opportunities, so if you want to donate for a prize pool you can do it again visiting my account.

I will end up with some NAPs and news:

China, Romania, Poland and Spain signed a NAP before some days .. the main thing is that Poland and Romania won’t have a war this month. -

eBulgaria and eRomania signed a NAP for one more month. As in the previous months, Bulgaria won’t be able to attack Serbia, Greece, Slovenia, Romania and this time Hungary aswell or vice versia.

eIndonesia, eChina & eThailand signed the Asian Deffensive pact, so no fun there.

That’s everything for now 🙂

MoFa of Eire, MrYYY aka Vesko Petkov

Oh just to remind everyone who wants to become an ambassador to send me a message ..


vacckoo Day 2,338, 14:25


Minino. Day 2,338, 14:26

Miau ^^

Mr YYY Day 2,338, 14:32

vote for a country my cat or no whiskas

Maximus.Decimus.Meridius. Day 2,338, 14:27

very nice

Good Stuff 🙂

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,338, 14:39

Kool idea!
But I dont understand why there are groups.
And as an extra country, I would say... Russia

Mr YYY Day 2,338, 14:43

the vote by the citizens at the end will be organized by thus. The best group wins :3

Bhane Day 2,338, 14:46


klop123 Day 2,338, 15:36

Extra country you say? Canada :3

Harrilal Day 2,338, 18:39

I love it. Entering for sure. Already started research. 🙂

Toreben Day 2,339, 00:02

Add France!

Aramec Day 2,339, 08:47


Bucephalus92 Day 2,339, 12:51


Lalo292 Day 2,339, 23:48

What do you mean by RL and IRL?

I'm a little confused...

Mr YYY Day 2,340, 00:13

same shit, IRL= In real life

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