[MoFA] American Airlines, not PanAm

Day 4,011, 22:40 Published in USA USA by The Mike

The last airstrike we did, went horribly wrong.

Or some may argue that we did eRepublik the favour of the year.

It is also something which defined the course of 2018 in eRepublik. Both for us and for many other countries too. So, one of the ways to move forward is to … repeat the same mistake, or to make it better. Only one way to find out.

Over the past months we have been the recipient on a lot of help from our allies. They helped us remove certain countries from our cores which were hoping to keep us conquered indefinitely. In this process we found new friends with whom I dare to say that established connections and friendships.

For that reason I can say that the USA have been very much on a steep learning curve over the past several months. It has been my personal mission to help integrate the USA community to play in a way consistent to how the other eRepublik players play the game. And this doesn’t necessarily mean TWs and gold farming. In terms of the game we collaborated with friends on the military field by fighting for each other, coordinated together; we organised EPICs with several partners and most recently we have even been doing (semi-)daily EPICs with Chile! Now we are unlocking the next level, where we actually participate in the military campaign of our allies.

So, what I am saying here is that Spain isn’t the big feature of this airstrike, but solely its subject. The object here is the USA and the contrast to the previous airstrike we did 10 months ago. Compared to back then, today we do this airstrike because we have allies and because we feel part of something. And I think this makes helluva difference for our playing experience

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The Mike