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[MoFA] Alliances: An Upcoming Decision

Day 1,938, 21:03 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Hello citizens and friends of Ireland, the MoFA team has hit the ground running this term, speaking to nations all around the world about current affairs, and slowly starting back up the ambassador program. In this article, we’ll be giving you guys some information about all of the alliances on the table, including potential alliances. We’ll also be mentioning our ambassador program once more. Lastly, we’ll be giving you all some personal messages from nations and alliances around the world regarding our upcoming decision.

We currently have 7 ambassadors. Many previous ambassadors have been contacted, and unfortunately are limited in personal time this term. We are still looking for senior members who feel they have diplomatic talent to offer, along with younger players who want to play a part in our government, and learn the ropes of Foreign Affairs.

Raven Anarcho – Canada, Australia
ChewchewShoe – United Kingdom
Biker – France, United States
Liam Tatlock - The Netherlands
Lord Scego – Germany
Cuchullian – Japan
EmFaMe - India

Within a few days, the people of Ireland will see our Referendum… this will allow Ireland 2 options. The first will be to join CoT. From here we will submit our application, and work with their HQ from there. Our other option will be to remain pro-EDEN. In the referendum, the people will also have the option of selecting their most favored Pro-EDEN option, so our team can begin working with this option if the people vote against CoT.



Formed June 22, 2012, when Chile and Bulgaria became unsatisfied with their current alliances. Bulgaria is currently Ireland’s closest ally that holds membership. Currently, they hold 14 members from around the world, and one trial member, the US. There have been rumors that the US will not be staying, but they’ve yet to be confirmed. Brazil left their trial membership, after problems with Indonesia and being denied by CoT HQ. They are a powerful alliance, who has been praised from their member nations for their HQ’s ability to manage damage, and criticized from their enemies for being one sided towards Bulgaria and Chile. Due to financial issues, one of their smallest members had to limit their number of MPPs in CoT. This has led some to believe that they will eventually have to form a trial alliance, similar to ACT, for their smallest members. Arguably, their two largest enemies right now are Greece (Bulgaria) and Argentina. (Chile) When Ireland first left EDEN, they were quick to show interest in our joining.


Formed August 22, 2012, by Sweden and Finland. The two nations were ready to take their fates into their own hands, and wished to establish a Nordic Brotherhood. The alliance is small, and historically has been in a stalemate with Estonia and Latvia, members of ACT. They have recently added Canada and Norway as trial members. Canada is one of Irelands best allies throughout most of its history. The alliance has taken expansion slowly and is focusing on liberating most of its regions from Poland, who is shifting its focus into Asia. The alliance declined Ireland in the past, which most believe are due to problems dating back to Irelands invasion of Sweden long ago. The decision was mostly influenced by Sweden’s largest political party, however many Asgard officials have stated that relations are improving, and that the majority favors Ireland, claiming that the previous decision was mainly due to a lack of preparations to expand.


In a recent interview, Argentina’s previous president claimed that Argentina was happy in regards to alliances, saying that CUA (Colombia-Uruguay-Argentina) was a great friendship, which was working fine on its own. He also stated that he felt it was the beginning of something greater that could go world-wide. Nations in CUA have showed great interest when contacted by Irish officials regarding an alliance. They have spoken to us and are very interested in Ireland joining officially. There are many other nations whom are talking with them on joining, along with potential nations not yet contacted. Should Ireland choose this option, we are already accepted and welcome to join.

Un-named Alliance

South Africa, Australia, Germany, Russia, Colombia, Ireland and Argentina have all been in loosely in contact with various officials regarding a potential alliance. Most nations have showed strong interest, while others have only given thought. Some believe that Brazil, the US, and Portugal may all be potential in the future should the alliance form, but they have yet to be asked. As of today, no solid decision has been made to move forward with the establishment, however no other potential alliance since Ireland’s exit of EDEN has been as powerful or possible as this one. It is strongly possible that both this alliance and CUA will end up being one in the same, give or take a few members, however all of this is just in the first stage, and is not final.

*All members involved in the above alliance are only in discussion at the moment, all of which are neutral nations examining their options.*

Theory One: Worlds Collide.
TWO and CoT collide full force into a war. EDEN dissolves and members choose sides between the two larger alliances.

Theory Two: Re-emergence of EDEN.
TWO and CoT stay on decent terms, while EDEN slowly recovers, collecting members and relying primarily on Greece and Croatia

Theory Three: Fair Game
Asgard grows in power slowly, EDEN is reformed into a new alliance with only mild differences than now, TWO and CoT grow little from here, while perhaps a fourth alliance is formed as well.

Keep in mind, the main difference between this referendum and the previous, is that this referendum will give a decisive decision through a two question process.

If the people choose CoT, we attempt to join. If they choose other, we will select the most favored option left from the second question. Both sides contain both pros and cons which the Irish people must decide upon.


There has been much debate over the public opinion of Ireland remaining neutral. Some claim that neutrality was the best option over CoT, as to remain close to our friends. Others argue that it has led to worse boredom. Given this referendum will have 3 options, we have created this poll to decide whether or not the majority favors neutrality for another term overall.

We ask that all Irish citizens please complete THIS POLL. This will determine what role neutrality will have in the upcoming referendum.

Before our nation decides, a handful of messages to the Irish people have been issued:

"Since Ireland is going through an important and decisive moment of its eHistory, on behalf of Argentina we'd like to clarify our intention to keep Ireland by our side. We appreciate what the Irish have done for us, Ireland has proven to be a country of brave people when the situation has demanded it, and also a loyal country which is always ready to give a hand to an ally in need. We're looking forward a future together full of new projects to improve the cooperation and the communication between our Nations."
- Nation of Argentina

"To our good friends and allies the ppl of Eire, as I understand you are before a choice on your future. Let me say a few words; EDEN is dead, just a few countries that won't admit it, and hostages the others. CoT could be a big threat to the hated pink imperialistic pigs. I'd say, let them prove that first! Wait with pledging your loyalty before you're really sure. And do know who your friends are, your natural friends, that's most important, and also makes the game more fun. 😉 Good luck on your choice, and no matter what alliance, you are our natural allies! o7"
- van Spijck, Nation of Netherlands

"Asgard is an alliance of equals. Each member has a say in priorities and direction the alliance takes. It isn't the strongest by any stretch of the imagination but it holds true to itself and member nations aren't just making up numbers while one or two powerful nations dictate policy.

I feel it is a perfect fit for Ireland, as it is for Canada. We both punch above our weight and we are both loyal and selfless allies.

Asgard members, despite the rumours, like Ireland. The only reason Ireland hasn't been invited yet is the need to get things running smoothly before expanding further. Asgard wants to get this right."
-Homer J Simpson, Nation of Canada

"To the Irish People; Here in Uruguay and Colombia we are very happy to know through your cp, MoFA and some friends we have there that we share the same values that make a brotherhood the most important bond that two countries can have: Bravery, honor, sacrifice, companionship and friendship.

Here in Uruguay and Colombia and therefore in CUA, we practice those values since its the only thing we have known for sure since we started our brotherhood.

We are very pleased to strengthen our bonds between eUruguay, Colombia and eIreland but we are even happier to strengthen our bonds between two great people.
We welcome this friendship with open arms and with a great sense of joy.

Best Regards to you all.
-Matafuego, Faramound, Nations of Uruguay and Colombia

On behalf of Ireland and its MoFA Team, we would like to thank all of our allies that took the time to send a personal message to the people of Ireland.

That concludes this Alliance article. Please consider all of the information given, and choose whichever choice you feel is best for our nation. Please don't forget to complete the neutrality poll. o7

-Your MoFA Team



I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,938, 21:27

Very well prepared article, I look forward to seeing where Ireland goes.

Hail Ireland, and best wishes from Canada! o/

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,938, 21:28

p.s. Ireland, I will always love you no matter what choice you make 🙂

Dozzer_x Day 1,940, 07:51



Matafuego Day 1,938, 21:43

Voted. Best luck in your next step and we hope we can mantain the good relationship we've started no matter what decition you take.

Best regards from CUA.

FRITZHILL Day 1,938, 22:14

The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 1,938, 22:26

Interesting article. Wherever you end up, good luck.


MUFC992 Day 1,938, 23:25

Good work!

I felt that CUA want us badly with them, they are well organised, they are building something serious and we can help them build new and strong alliance with strong foundations. So yeah, CUA is my favorite!

Bohemond4 Day 1,938, 23:40


what about ACT? considered coming over to the dark side? q:

ChewChewShoe Day 1,939, 00:20

^^^^^Bloke makes a fair point

MUFC992 Day 1,939, 00:35

ACT is also knows as puppet alliance. I never imagined myself or Ireland as some second level ally 😛

MUFC992 Day 1,939, 00:35


MUFC992 Day 1,939, 00:51

Forgot to mention that CUA is probably best organised alliance in the game. This is their script they are using:

They have channels for each division and non-stop open supplies. Each country supports the other one in the alliance.

If we can become founder member of this new alliance with CUA countries, that would benefit Ireland a lot in future, not to mention we'd have night advantage over any enemy in Europe.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,939, 01:07

India has just been rejected by CoT allegedly down to just one country going against the decision. More on this later. Just goes to show that some countries think themselves bigger that the alliance they are in when you consider that we have signed MPP's with CoT countries for 4 months now and fought for them every day.

When you also consider CoT's current *diplomacy* with the Polish invasion of Russia it kind of tells you all you need to know. Asgard is the best alliance from a geographical, historical and ethical perspective. People may reflect on how Argentina behaved when she was a hegemonic power....

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,939, 01:08

Good article btw

MUFC992 Day 1,939, 01:32

Only difference between CUA and Asgard is that CUA representatives actually asked us to join and become founder members, They respect how we behaved in past and they think we could add something to this new brotherhood. Asgard never showed so much willing to accept us.

And for CoT, I think it's well explained here in comments:

I don't see why would anyone vote for COT anymore after this what they've done

BOUD1CCA Day 1,939, 01:37

Totally agree

Dozzer_x Day 1,940, 08:01

Asgard is willing to accept Ireland, but keep in mind that Asgard is a new alliance, and we don't want to get ourselves a lot of members before we start actually being organised. If CUA want to rush in inviting new members in their alliance, it's their problem.

MUFC992 Day 1,940, 08:03

they aren't rushing with anything, they are still not founded

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,939, 01:39

Two issues with CUA:

Lack of any border, or any chance of a border for some time, if ever
Argentina acting like a boss
I have a lot of time for eColumbia, don't know much about eUruguay

MUFC992 Day 1,939, 01:41

Newfoundland -> Azores -> South America

If given chance it's not hard to reach SA 😉)

Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Day 1,939, 01:50

Good luck in whatever direction you choose. Canada and Ireland always have been, and will always be close no matter what alliances we join.


Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,939, 01:50

Right, and our bestest mates Portugal and Canada will fully support this?

MUFC992 Day 1,939, 01:53

They aren't in control of those regions at this moment, it's not that hard to perform that action even if they are. It would require few tactical moves, but it's possible.

BeJIuKaH Day 1,939, 03:17

"This has led some to believe that they will eventually have to form a trial alliance, similar to ACT, for their smallest members. "

Not true. : ))

Anyway, good luck with the Referendum and choose wisely! : ))

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,939, 03:19

So many alliances in this game now, back in the day alliances actually meant something.

The Myth The Legend
The Myth The Legend Day 1,939, 03:22

Greetings from the UK

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,939, 03:46

I'm now more confused with the rumours of this un-named alliance!

Passos Coelho
Passos Coelho Day 1,939, 04:04

Voted from Portugal

GL Ireland I hope we can remain allies.

I'm a BIG CUA fan also.

moomoohead Day 1,939, 04:48

CUA is our best option.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,939, 07:51

Argentina Moo? Really?

J.P Morgan
J.P Morgan Day 1,939, 08:35

Hail Ireland, CUA is the real Brotherhood.

Thanks for the help in Amazonica and Andina, eCol never forget it.

Johnnie Rebel
Johnnie Rebel Day 1,939, 11:52

Can't wait to see yall in Asgard

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Day 1,939, 11:57

Good article.

I lean toward Asgard from a regional and philosophical view point, but I don't want to be somewhere I'm not wanted, either. So CUA I believe offers a good option where we are welcome with friends who will support us as we support them.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Day 1,939, 15:32

Asgard needs to a) want us and be willing to expand. They were my first choice but I'm leaning towards CUA now.

columbia Day 1,939, 17:22

both want us,it was just that the approach from CUA was much better,they are both friends and most important is that everyone respects us,,so we are just looking for this tiny difference to choose who is a little better for us between the two of them(if we finally decide we ll choose one from those two)

Leochao Day 1,939, 12:08

I wish the Irish people all the best, they have showed us before they share our values as well.


Val3s OBrien
Val3s OBrien Day 1,939, 14:54


Ambro17 Day 1,939, 16:21

I hope you decide wisely and choose true allies, not allies that only care for damage or bonuses ^^
Hail CUA
Hail Ireland!

SKYJACKED Day 1,939, 16:41

Voted Subbed and goodluck & wisdom on the decision you've to make

Grtz from eNL

Ga.brik Day 1,939, 20:02

So Ireland will fight on Southamerican battles and expect nothing on return? That's nice!

MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,940, 11:24


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