[MoFA] - Affairs and Ambassadors: Now Recruiting

Day 2,120, 20:38 Published in Japan Portugal by Lucifel

Good day to all,

The MoFA team would like to send its regards to the eJapanese community. We are certain that this term will be an ambitious one where we will be presented with various diplomatic situations. We will of course be focusing on dealing with said situations with Japan’s best interests in mind.

Part of the MoFA team’s job is to create interest in Japan and to create an atmosphere of mutual respect between us and the rest of the nations on this planet. We furthermore seek to gain prestige through our choices and our positions in the international arena.

[MoFA Team made by]:

Minister of Foreign Affairs:


Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Ikari Irial

Ambassador Program:

We're in substantial need of ambassadors here in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! This is a great opportunity if you're a new player or you want to get experience in foreign affairs (or if you just want to give back to your country through public service). It is also a great opportunity if you want to become more involved in the game.

Job Description

Ambassadors serve an important role here in the New World. As an ambassador for eJapan, you will take a role in shaping our country's image overseas as a government liaison. As a liason, you would be asked to do your best to create interest in Japan. Furthermore you would report on matters that occur in your assigned country.

As an Ambassador, you would be asked to perform the following duties:

- Get people interested in the affairs of our nation and maybe even refer people for citizenship in eJapan.
- Report in the forums, by newspaper, or directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Lucifel or Ikari Irial) about government affairs or any events in your selected country. You may report as often as you deem necessary.

For example, you should report on:
- Political affairs (who won the elections, the general political stance of the winners and the margins the winners won by). Furthermore we could use information on any major bills or laws in their legislature.
- Wars (why they're fighting)
- Economics
- Anything else you find notable or important within your assigned country.

Optional duty
- Turn your role into something greater, be creative and don’t be afraid to take any action you think would be beneficial! It’s always good to take initiative not just in life, but in this game as well!

(We will try to put to work any applicants who apply, however if you meet any or all of these qualifications as a player, your job should be easier)

- Fluency or competence in the local language(s) of your assigned country.
- Acquaintance with the community in your assigned country and/or past residency/citizenship.
- Familiarity with political, economic, and war mechanics in-game.
- Willingness to use IRC and out of game forums.
- Availability (The more time you have to work, the better).

To apply, leave a comment below, post in the MoFA section of the forums here or send Lucifel and/or Ikari Irial a PM. You can view a list of currently open positions here.


- The Ambassadors will be paid on a weekly basis;
- Payment will be given to ambassadors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with their job performance.
- Ambassador Job Performance will be rated on a scale of “1 to 5” by the MoFA.
- Rate: 1 = 10 cc ; 2 = 40 ; 3 = 70 ; 4 = 150 ; 5 = 500


With our current foreign affairs situation in mind, please note that the MoFA really needs ambassadors in Bulgaria, Indonesia, Macedonia, USA , Taiwan (eROC), Portugal, Spain, France and China. We hope you will heed the call to serve if you believe you are capable of representing Japan in any of those countries.

Of course, we will place ambassadors in other countries as well.

[MPP - Mutual Protection Pacts]:

The MoFA team is currently working hard to strategically sign MPPs between us and CoT (Circle of Trust) members as well as CoT allies as needed.

Bulgaria M.P.P. - Signed
Indonesia M.P.P. - Signed

The MoFA will report on other MPPs as further details emerge.

If you have anything to say please feel free to make a comment. We are open to suggestions! Furthermore please vote up this article so players will notice it on their homepage.

Also, join the forums at http://www.nihonforums.net/ if you haven’t already and log onto IRC when you have the chance! You can click on the image below to get to our IRC chatroom! The more people we have involved in the community, the better!

For a free and shining Japan!


Minister of Foreign Affairs:


Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs:

Ikari Irial