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[MoFA]About congressional elections

Day 1,523, 08:10 Published in Ireland Ireland by Irish Foreign Ministry

Before we begin this article government has to announce that new vMoFA for the rest of this term is James Keiller.

Every month on 25th we have congressional elections and to succeed in this we ask the help of all citizens of eIreland to avoid any kind of PTO.Every citizen above level 15 could help on this effort.Party presidents that might need people or citizens that want to help send a message to columbia.Every aTO candidate will wear for 2 days this avatar:

Now a few words how to be a good congressman.
Every congressman has the right every month to propose 2 laws and give 1 cs for our country.
First of all we don't propose laws if we do not know some basic things.

-President's impeachment
When we want to propose this law we have to know that for those 24 hours that this law is in progress the country president can not do anything for his country which means he can not send mpp to other allies nor attack a region nor buy construction for his country nor propose any other law.Also u have to know that once an Impeachment has been proposed in Congress, another Impeachment proposal won't be possible for a period of 7 days.So be really careful on this.

We do donations only when minister of financial or country president asks for it.

We never accept cs before contacting minister of immigration,this month minister of immigration is Bassy

we visit forum always to check about news or debate about laws.

do not forget that when u are not sure about what to vote to a proposal contact someone from government to explain you what to vote and for what reason

I wish to all candidates good luck.

Minister of Foreign Affairs



DerBrad Day 1,523, 08:14

Thanks for the update and good luck James

irishbhoy1967 Day 1,523, 08:17

Thanks for your work Columbia, keep it up.

And Keiller is a great guy to have on board, so well done on that.

LitoII Day 1,523, 08:20

wow, even I didn't know that about the CP Impeach 😃

very good article!

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Day 1,523, 08:26

Congratz to James Keiller, great recruit in MoFA :DD

and p good article o/

Just don't like this president impeach :😕/

Anthony Colby
Anthony Colby Day 1,523, 10:19

Good luck James.

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Day 1,523, 12:49

No better man.

GGMUFC15 Day 1,523, 13:38

good info

John Gormley
John Gormley Day 1,523, 16:55

Hooray for Keiller!

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 1,523, 19:29

Great work Columbia!
This was a very good article to post

James is a great addition
gl to TD candidates

castaneda Day 1,524, 03:22

Good Luck guys , Gratz JK : )

seanlynch Day 1,524, 05:10

Go on you boys (and girls) in green

AppleMan Day 1,524, 11:11


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