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[MoFA] A List of Awesome People [Fixed]

Day 2,041, 21:34 Published in Switzerland USA by Jason Welsh
EDIT: I have added Chile to the list, and I have fixed the Macedonia problem. I did not intend to offend anyone. I did not know that it was a bad term to use, and I will not use it again.

I'm sorry to anyone who was offended by that. o>

For those of you who have been living under a rock, there was a huge RW that ended up being the #1 prio for both CoT and TWO. It was the eSwiss RWing against the Slovenians. The Swiss won.

As MoFA of eSwitzerland, I saw and had the good fortune of directly coordinating a good majority of the support we got for this battle. This was the first battle also where I was this tuned-in for the entire thing, mainly because this was an important battle for my country and because I was able to see direct results of the things I was doing before and during the battle.

The following is a list of particularly awesome people who were here to help eSwiss when we needed it.

Before I begin with chronological order, I want to give a shout out to the person who did more for this RW than anyone else. Kaad, when I got up the morning of the RW, you were already up because your timezone is 6 hours ahead of mine. The thing is though, you didn't log off early, it was 11:30 my time before you finally went to bed (add 6 hours to that and think about it). You pulled at least a 20 hour day for this, supplied for most of it, and then on day 2 you still beat me online. This is the most dedication I have seen from anyone about anything, and you truly deserve to be recognized. Kaad, you are an awesome person, thank you for allowing us to win this RW 😃

Now, a timeline (kind of).

A while ago (I don't have the exact date) is when we met with CoT HQ to decide on the exact place and time of this RW. We had it planned out weeks ahead in coordination with CoT and the Italians. It was understood that it would be top secret until the second that the battle actually started. Need to know bases, only the governments and the people actually supporting the battles. We had 10 people handpicked ahead of time for their ability to keep their mouths shut about important stuff.

2 days before the official battle day, stuff started to happen little by little. I started thinking about who was actually going to put damage into our battle (because CoT was oh so helpful last time), so 2 days before, I presented our CP, Trog, a list of CoT countries with no current wars, and he approved me sending requests to them for support in the battle. The next day, PMs were sent, and replies were received.

The German CP, Freiheitskämpfer notified me that Germany's common hit would be 12 ERT (the official start time for our RW) in support of eSwiss.

The CP of Moldova notified me that they would be sending a team of mobile fighters to assist us.

I recieved no official reply from eBelgium, but they did send a ton of people to fight in our battle, including this awesome dude (D2 battle hero)

The next day, I got up and logged on. 5 hours left before the battle starts.

There was an article released by the Slovenian CP mentioning an airstrike sometime in the next week. They mentioned that they were expecting to lost most of their Swiss and Italian regions after it started (as opposed to before it started). Worked out nicely didn't it? Now both countries are NEing Slovenia, 2 regions are already free, and I'm still waiting on that airstrike.

Among the many group PM discussions that I had access to, mentions of Serbia were made and fear that they would jump in and crush us early on. There was time, so I acted.

Who is Serbia's mortal enemy? USA.

I messaged Emerick and he gave me the go ahead to round up some Americans and start some RWs, so that's what I did. After PMing around with some eUS MU commanders, my old party's official MU got back to me. I met their commander (crashthompson) on IRC and we started doing some stuff. It was decided that we would RW Aquitaine as a diversion and North Carolina as a serious battle that SHIELD would be fighting. We spent most of the morning combing through shouts, IRC, and even some meta sites looking for people. It was close to the mark, but both battles got started around 11:45 ERT, giving me time to move back to my own country and let the Americans do their thing in North Carolina.

I heard that that particular RW did not go well, however, other battles there are starting to turn in their favor, so I would like to say keep fighting guys o>

The RW started, and the first round was some of the scariest s**t I have seen in erep. The Slovenians were completely ignoring the Italians (who started their RW at the same time) and focusing on us, and meanwhile, Serbia was beating back the wall in all 4 of their battles (Croatian RW, Aquitaine, NC RW, and a direct attack with the US). The divisions we won in the first and second rounds were just barely won. For some reason though, they really died down after the second and third rounds, but the eSwiss side kept it up. By this time, we were CoT's third priority (not expected) and we were getting a TON of help from Germany Moldova and Belgium.

"Osredotočite se na Graubinden... Švica pod nobenim pogojem ne sme dobit regije nazaj!!!"
-Smoothziga, Slovenian CP

The battle raged on for a while with Jver being the biggest tank in this entire thing, but after the second round was over, it was almost 7PM (19:00) my time, meaning 1PM (13:00) in Europe. I assumed at this point that most Europeans were asleep, and I also saw that the Slovenian CP has been shouting stuff this whole battle. Checking the comments, I noticed someone with Venezuelan CS promising to send people over to fight after the Brazil battle was over.

I may have overreacted a little, but I don't think it was unjustified. Brazil was battling Venezuela, and as soon as that battle ended, we would need people from the American time zones, and fast. Canada had their own RW going on, and the eUS had their own 6 (give or take a few) RWs going on, so South and Central America would be the deciding factor in this. I sent messaged to Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Peru. I also hung around in Brazil's supply room talking about the battles with those guys.

I got a message back from Peru promising support, which we got as soon as Brazil's battle ended. Peru, you guys are thoroughly amazing 😃

I also got word back from Mexico a little later. They sent us a ton of support later in the night and the next day, during the critical final few rounds. I believe that without them we would've lost this. We won it because of our awesome international friends 😃

After talking to those people, I looked on our supply room and noticed that Kaad was still awake and supplying. It must have been about 4AM your time so I don't know how you didn't just fall asleep at the keyboard, but I took over supplying for you until Alexandre Walen got there to help out 🙂

During my short time supplying, I was able to see the direct effects of what I was doing. People from the countries that I messaged were asking me for supplies. I sent them tanks and friend requests, and then I saw them contribute damage to the battle and push the wall little by little to help out. It was an awesome feeling knowing how much of an effect you can have on something. I also saw some weird stuff, like Serbians coming over to fight on our side even though it's against TWO. I was a little surprised to see that, but I was grateful.

After Walen took over, I looked at the time zones again. Asia would be hit next, so I look up Asian CoT countries. I only recall messaging Japan and Indonesia, but both of these were EXTREMELY helpful. Indonesia responded quickly and sent over a lot of damage to help us out, and I heard that Japan even offered to send us more weapons to help supply. The amount of politeness from these people says something about Western society.

At this point, it was somewhere around 1AM, so I went to sleep knowing that all 3 major groups of time zones were covered.

When I woke up, it was just as tight as it was when I was asleep. Italy had won their RW flawlessly and started a new one, this one getting at least some Slovenian attention, and Canada had, unfortunately, lost their RW for congress. The last country that I messaged for help was Canada. I wasn't expecting much because I know that everyone in eSwiss was bleeding themselves dry for Graubunden, and likely so was eCanada. I asked them for any damage they could spare because our battle truly was extremely close. We were scraping bottom looking for help.

In the last few rounds, I saw 2 big showdowns. The first, in D2, was a team of Lansizzle and Ben Doverton tanking millions of damage to keep the wall on our side. They each got well deserved battle hero medals in the final two rounds.

The second big showdown I saw was in D4, battle 13. On the opposing side, Smoothziga, pushing the wall against us. Less than 5 minutes later, low and behold, The Troll Warlord (commonly known as cronoss) and some of his friends come along to push the wall to our side. The eSwiss were confused and amused watching them fight AGAINST each other. We were also thankful that TTW jumped in to help us. Nevertheless it was extremely funny watching these two duke out the damage against each other.

With some strange and funny stuff happening, somehow the eSwiss got our second 11 point round of the battle in round 13. It was something amazing to watch.

It seemed like Slovenia was making 1 final comeback in the final battle, but in the end, you just can't win when it's 62/81. It was an epic and amazing fight, and I'm proud to say that we won it.

Hail CoT!
Hail Germany!
Hail Belgium!
Hail Italy!
Hail Croatia!
Hail France!
Hail Moldova!
Hail USA!
Hail Canada!
Hail Mexico!
Hail Peru!
Hail Chile!
Hail Japan!
Hail Indonesia!
Hail South Korea!
Hail Macedonia!
Hail Bulgaria!
Hail Swiss!

There's a lot of countries up there, and trust me, just one of them alone could not have done this. This battle was between 2 small countries, but because so many people helped out to get us a win, it became the #1 prio for both TWO and CoT. It was hard, but we did it.

I remember two particular IRC conversations I had before the battle started, it was when Crash and I were trying to get people to support the Aquitaine and North Carolina RWs. The first person was as supportive as a tried and true cynic could be. "you can try, but there's just no support to go around" he told me. Well, look at this. We did it! Have an open mind, and don't give up so easily. That's how the impossible gets done.

The second one wasn't as friendly, he was more the type to laugh at failure. I told him that the main goal was NC because frankly, he didn't strike me as being loyal to any CoT country. I asked him nicely to support it, and as I recall, he didn't want to because I was a "nobody" and I couldn't possibly have inside knowledge of this stuff. He also said that I was a completely failure, and he said something along the lines of "you should go cry in a ditch because you're a disappointment." Well, look at me now, that RW medal on my profile looks sexy doesn't it?

Well, that's enough for one night, I need to get up and function tomorrow so I'll just leave it at this, but this was too much of a victory for this story not to be told 😃

Once again, huge thank you to everyone that I mentioned above here. You are the reason that eSwitzerland has a congress this month.

I'd also like to say to Smoothzoga, you are an honorable opponant, and I will see you on the battlefield in the future.

Welsh signing off, stay sexy for me guys o> and don't pass out from all that champagne!
-Jason Welsh
-Proud MoFA of eSwitzerland

PS: I might be late to that party so save some hookers for me!


Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 2,041, 21:36

first reserved for freedom

Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Day 2,041, 21:38

No a las autopoles¡¡¡EXIJO POLE¡¡¡¡

chickensguys Day 2,041, 21:40


jensenn Day 2,041, 21:44


Yay we won!!!

gggeeeooo Day 2,041, 21:47


i was there too

jensenn Day 2,041, 21:48

Yup I saw you 🙂

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,041, 22:21

You always manage to be everywhere dear hehe!

Lansizzle Day 2,041, 21:50

For Switzerland!

jver1207 Day 2,041, 21:51

Great article and great job Jason!

Many thanks for all the support guys and gals!

Hail CoT!! 07

Joel 21
Joel 21 Day 2,041, 21:55


Vadims Kamenevs Day 2,041, 22:18

Comment deleted

Vadims Kamenevs
Vadims Kamenevs Day 2,041, 22:19

Great to find out some of the insides. That was a fine RW! Thank's to all those who did what they did.!

Coyolxauhqui V
Coyolxauhqui V Day 2,041, 22:21

A lovely article indeed, about a really heavy battle.
I loved how you guys did not lose hope and enthusiasm, despite such long and heavy hours.

Respect to the Swiss! o/

Greetings form Mexico

Capitan Sevilla
Capitan Sevilla Day 2,041, 22:33

"I also got word back from Mexico a little later. They sent us a ton of support later in the night and the next day, during the critical final few rounds. I believe that without them we would've lost this. We won it because of our awesome international friends"

i was in this momments =`D

Congratz friends o/

Thedillpickl Day 2,042, 05:34

Yes you were! Many thanks to our amigo's!

AldoRayne Day 2,041, 22:35


Black.Demon Day 2,041, 22:47

I was really interested reading and looking for the words "Chile" or "Chilean" with some "BHs" or "great Allies" but didnt find anything...

So I did some work 🙂

BH D4 + TOP2 from Chile --->
5m Bomb TOP3 from Chile -->
CP of Chile TOP4 --->
BH D3 + TOP2 of Chile --->

Epic Round and the key of the Campaing, we won in the last minute 1820 vs 1760 smashing all slovenians hopes

BH D4 of Chile --->

Didnt screenshot my personal damage (like 20m), but shouted at least 30 times

Very Happy for Switzerland ! ^^


DlOS Day 2,041, 22:56

and not hail chile 🙁

G4zSkynet Day 2,041, 23:48

roger fereder qlo nos olvido u.u

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 2,042, 04:13

added you guys, sorry, was tired when I wrote this. Thanks for all the help though 😃

Thedillpickl Day 2,042, 05:36

Chile has peppers! 🙂

And the hail Chile? ;-;

jensenn Day 2,041, 22:56

Hail Chile

Alexandre Walen
Alexandre Walen Day 2,042, 06:07

Was updated, Jason was tired when made this article and he forgot somethings x3

Gral.Raton Day 2,041, 22:53


ojala salga una versión en español ^^.

SirJohan Day 2,041, 22:58

y los postres?

ArmY1948 Day 2,041, 23:01

You are the living evidence that even in tough times victory is possible with good organization and coordination. With more people like you we would be able to turn this war around pretty quickly. I am very happy for you and wish you all the best.

ArmY1948 Day 2,041, 23:10

aaand btw its Macedonia not FYROM and you forgot Chile xD

ANTINIANKU Day 2,041, 23:29

brace yourselves, macedonians and chileans are coming xD

ArmY1948 Day 2,041, 23:29

haha true true

Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 2,041, 23:55

Macedonia and Chile, MPP with Slovenia now!!!!!


Derphoof Day 2,041, 23:11

Congrats, Switzerland!!

ANTINIANKU Day 2,041, 23:12

was really funny kicking slovenians asses xDD
congratulations for your congress
greetings from Chile 😃

Mr.Hiccup Day 2,041, 23:16

Comment deleted

Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 2,041, 23:26

No Chile
No vote


Gael Cavannari
Gael Cavannari Day 2,041, 23:38

Its Macedonia not FYROM
No vote

War3hous313 Day 2,041, 23:45

no chile no vote : P

Asmadi Day 2,041, 23:48

how many RH medals u sold in this battle?

Rican Day 2,042, 00:05

STFU .... you make me sick.

Asmadi Day 2,042, 00:07
don't be so gay

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 2,042, 04:15

that was for NC and Aquitaine. If the Americans wanted North Carolina, it was up to them to get it. I left as soon as it started trusting that the SHIELD MU would handle the battle

gabrieldarkest Day 2,042, 09:13

what is this site?

Jason  Welsh
Jason Welsh Day 2,042, 09:23

Rican Day 2,042, 00:03

Kaad, you are an awesome person, thank you for allowing us to win this RW... you truly deserve to be recognized.

Hail CoT!
Hail Germany!
Hail Belgium!
Hail Italy!
Hail Croatia!
Hail France!
Hail Moldova!
Hail USA!
Hail Canada!
Hail Mexico!
Hail Peru!
Hail Japan!
Hail Indonesia!
Hail Macedonia!
Hail Bulgaria!
Hail Swiss!

Black.Demon Day 2,042, 00:08

Comment deleted

Vojvoda 78
Vojvoda 78 Day 2,042, 00:07


Rican Day 2,042, 00:07

Hail Chile !

and thank you Jason.... awesome article.

OMAR ALEJANDRO Day 2,042, 00:08


jensenn Day 2,042, 00:08

Comment deleted

goranosis Day 2,042, 00:11


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