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[MoFA] 01/13: 私たちの世界〜初版〜 (Our World: Part 1)

Day 1,883, 19:09 Published in Japan Portugal by Lucifel

Hey it's the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reporting to you from our headquarters in Tokyo! Today we'd like to share with all a window of Japan's current foreign affairs outlook and some reports from some of our ambassadors with a focus on specific countries.


The Great Empire of Brazil (Turquoise)

With their failed offensive attempt against RoC before America landed a successful invasion and their recent wars of various origin against RoC and the Philippines, Brazil has demonstrated over and over again that it has military interests in Asia that are more than compatible with our own. Due to this, our MoFA has negotiated an MPP with Brazil. Their congress has already approved the measure on their forums and an actual MPP should be enacted within the near future. Our relationship with Brazil should prove to be very beneficial for both our countries in the months to come!

Quick trivia: Brazil has the largest population of Japanese outside of Japan proper in real life!


America and its colonies (Blue-Violet)

The USA has also continued to show interests matching those of our own nation. The occupation of mainland Taiwan is still ongoing by American forces and they have even just recently opted for trial membership in Circle of Trust. If the current political outlook of America remains steady (in particular their strong success against internal PTO attempts by the American Freedom Alliance), the USA will certainly have a major role to play as an ally in the months to come.

Republic of China (Taiwan)(中華民国)

Taiwan's exiled government in Korea and Japan (Purple)

Fate it seems, is not without a sense of irony.
-Morpheus (The Matrix)

With the ironic situation of the Taiwanese government now in exile from their homeland in the New World(as they claim to be in real life as well, that being from mainland China since 1949), they have been focusing hard on fighting back to regain their original regions. Our ambassador to RoC (that 1) has indicated that RoC is conducting a survey on its military capacity to plan its future actions. RoC has otherwise remained silent on the diplomatic front, as it has for many months now (including during the time of our most recent occupation). The MoFA will continue to keep a close eye on them as they continue to occupy many of our regions on the home islands.


The Trans-European Empire of Poland (Pink)

As a powerful member of TWO, an alliance that currently shares interests with CoT, Poland has demonstrated its interest in renewing an MPP with our country and a representative from their country recently approached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about this matter. However, they have demanded a 15k/5k split in costs (Country Currency), with Japan paying the larger sum. Negotiations are taking place internally on the forums (here) and between our nations to negotiate a deal and determine whether or not an MPP is to actually be signed.


Poland's otouto, Spain (Red) and their current territory in Columbia

The other half of Spoland and a prominent member of TWO (along with Poland), Spain's foreign policy has recently become intertwined with that of our aforementioned ally, Brazil. Due to Brazil's declaration of war on Columbia, a member of EDEN, Colombia declared war on Spain. Colombia didn't stand a chance against the Spanish defense and is currently nearly wiped, it now only possesses a single region currently out of Spain's reach. (Note: Colombia is now attempting to declare war on Brazil--are they committing political seppuku in the name of EDEN here? Only time will tell).

Otherwise as a member of TWO, the Spanish government has given its support to our cause given we're a CoT member. ¡Viva España!

Trivia: Although it isn’t one of Spain’s top 10 parties, Spain has a party, Partido Otaku Nippon, which is dedicated to otaku fandom. This party despite its status outside the top 10 in Spain actually has more members than any single party in Japan. Thank you Sir Robin Ibz (our ambassador to Spain) for this interesting information.

Bonus: Switzerland(ボーナス〜スイス〜)

Switzerland and its more powerful neighbor, Slovenia

Switzerland is a small CoT country currently holding two of its original regions located near unaligned Austria and TWO-aligned Slovenia. Switzerland would be a prime example of potential tension between CoT and TWO. Slovenia due to its much more powerful military force currently holds a strong hold on Swiss politics and is renting two Swiss territories. They have also demanded that Switzerland remain neutral in foreign affairs; Switzerland's population is currently divided on this matter.

Switzerland due to its size is also a prime candidate for being shaken over a PTO. Cronoss, an ex-Romanian attempted to PTO the nation during the this January's presidential election. He didn't win but performed very well, with the native candidate, Rican, winning with 55.79% of the vote vs. Cronoss's 43.16%. Cronoss has remained in Switzerland for the time being.

A thank you to our ambassador to Switzerland, Myung Kei, for this information.

That is all folks, tune in more articles from the MoFA in the coming days!

Also, join the forums at if you haven’t already and log onto IRC when you have the chance! You can click on the image below to get to our IRC chatroom! The more people we have involved in the community, the better!

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs



Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,883, 19:23


War3hous313 Day 1,883, 19:30

congrats on great MoFA activities.
Nice article.

Amamiya Mii
Amamiya Mii Day 1,883, 20:21


Aryzn Day 1,883, 20:33

Quite informative.

Oraizan Day 1,883, 20:38

Yay~ glad to see you hoping on the bilingual bandwagon~
v o7

theoria8606 Day 1,883, 21:03


Amaterasu Omikami
Amaterasu Omikami Day 1,883, 22:47


Heyu.JP Day 1,884, 02:50

PON o/

LitoII Day 1,884, 05:06

Nice article : )

Jin Yang
Jin Yang Day 1,884, 05:16

good!!! vote

Nanashi Senshi
Nanashi Senshi Day 1,884, 06:04


Veprina 22
Veprina 22 Day 1,884, 06:54

USA will remain at the path to helping us, even if AFA wins elections. AFA is Serbian-Bulgarian-Poland etc PTO party. I can assure you that it will not harm their politic activity toward us. They will remain our allies(with or without MPP) o7

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,884, 08:39


Darshu Day 1,884, 09:13


arhangellord Day 1,884, 11:18


Auraborus Day 1,884, 16:51

Voted. Nice article and informitive.

Phantom Pain
Phantom Pain Day 1,884, 18:49

Very nice


Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,884, 22:05

If you need anything about Switzerland, contact me. : )

prostokreten Day 1,885, 04:35


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