[MoF]Tax Tracking-December Pt.1

Day 1,861, 14:03 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Joku Gones

For today, please ignore that this has been released in my personal paper as it is actually a report I have compiled on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. My data has been collected manually, by monitoring the country account value and any outgoing expenses at 11:30 GMT each day since eRep day 1846. This data was then brought together in a spreadsheet where a ‘Total Country Value’ in CC was calculated, based on the current account balance and any expenses incurred after day 1846. The difference in values was taken to be the income of the country over that day.

Included in this are some countries I elected to track in order to provide reference. These include Poland and Serbia, economies much larger than ours, and Germany, Ireland, France, Ukraine, Finland, Lithuania and Canada. The latter countries were selected due to geographical relevance and how their relative sizes compare to us.

Straight to business, this graph below shows the income of the eUK every day since 1846.

As you can plainly see, we have had ups and downs so far,namely due to the war effort. The in
creased expenditure on the market clearly pushed up several days of income to much higher than we would usually expect. For contrast, here are two charts comparing the eUK to the two superpowers used and the other countries recorded.

As you can see, we’ve closely followed the trends set by the rest of the eWorld in our fluctuations, although both Canada and UK have relatively large income spikes at the same time due to our war. Ukraine and Serbia have both seen conflicts recently that caused a huge spike (In the case of Serbia, they saw almost 3 times their daily income on one day).

As well as pure CC income, I thought it was important to calculate the percentage growth of the ‘Country value’ each day as well. As a strong economy relies not just on sustained income, but growth, it is necessary that the percentage growth of our treasury remain roughly the same or grow over a long period of time. Below are the same three charts as above, showing the percentage growth per day of various treasuries.

I’m not willing to make many comments or predictions based on the current data, due to the low number of data points collected. In the future, when more information has been collected we will be able to discern whether or not we are seeing a general trend across growth. For now, our data has essentially been corrupted by the increased temporary spending of war and making predictions would be like predicting the yearly profits of a store based solely on Christmastime revenue. What you must bear in mind with this particular set of information is that it is a long analysis, spikes and troughs over short periods of time reveal very little to us. For now, these charts are presented as an item of interest and to show that, in comparison to countries such as France, we are having a healthier income.

That’s all for this article, I will be releasing a follow up at the end of this CP term. This is my first financial article so please leave any constructive criticism below for what you’d like to see next time. Thank you to our MoF Carlini8 for allowing me this opportunity and I hope you have all found some useful information from this report.