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[MoF] - How to Read the Treasury Sheet

Day 1,681, 09:06 Published in Belgium Belgium by NBB-BNB

A tutorial on the Belgian Accounting sheet.
Click on the above link to open it and scroll down the page to see the most recent values.

The tab Account has the consolidated state account and transactions. The BEF and Gold columns have, per day, the total current belongings of the state in BEF resp. gold. Next column describes the day's transactions and notable events, it contains all useful data to decipher transactions in other columns. The StabBEF column has the stabilised BEF reserves, or belongings (assets) minus reserved funds. Next is a daily record of the BEF/gold and gold/BEF exchange rates on the monetary market.

The tab Details has detailed information on the evolution of the state's daily income. In the columns are the daily recorded values of the NBB-BNB org and of the country account. The transfer values are filled in when amounts are temporarily owned (positive values) or owed (negative values) externally. The use by CP and MoF of personal accounts for state transactions is recorded in the next four columns. When offices change hands, a handover is expected. The MM BEF and MM Gold columns record how much NBB currency is currently on offer on the market, and the MM BEF tot and MM gold tot columns show the total amounts obtained by means of the monetary market. Column Acc. rec. contains, in descriptive form, the list of accounts receivable.

Follows a series of columns with the results of formulas: today's net tax income, with 10-day, 30-day and total averages. 30 times the 30-day average is the monthly total income column. The projected BNA expenses are shown, as calculated by law for the situation of today, and a 30-day progressive reservation for the BNA budget (used in the 'StabBEF' number). Then are the other reserved amounts: for 4 mpp's and the BTA. The sum of the reserved amounts is shown in the last column.

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