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[MoF] Halfway

Day 2,012, 03:13 Published in Japan Serbia by Rik Daphnee

Hello eJapan!

We’ll try to keep you in touch about news in our Ministry. So, we decided to publish semimonthly reports... In reports you’ll be able to read about news, changes, statistics...

First of all, you may have seen that the taxes have been changed.We’ve lowered Import taxes for food and weapons from 25% to 5%. For all of you that may be wondering why we did so, the reason is to try and bring foreign sellers to our market. This way we will try to get cheaper products on our market, but those sellers will pay VAT + Import tax to our country and we will fill our budget with much more money.

So it’s a win - win situation for us. Both cheaper products for our citizens and greater income to our budget.

As you have already noticed, you can find cheap products on our market. They are always among the cheapest in the world. We have been buying cheap products from various sources and selling it on our market in order to make food and weapons accessible to all citizens.

We have bought and sold almost 20.000 food units of all qualities. As for the weapons, we have been exclusively buying and selling Q7 weapons. We’ve sold more than 9.000 units. In total, a little over 63.000 Yen were spent buying these products, and our country budget has directly increased by 1600 Yen so far. We will continue with our program in the future so both citizens and our country budget can benefit from this.

Our main job is to make as much money as possible. Following table will present gain, loss and profit at all, for first 15 days in this mandate.

As you have noticed, we had revenue through taxes 44.391CC. It means that our average income (income to our treasury per day) is 2995 CC. I’m very satisfied with this value, but I think that income is so big mostly because of Admins promotions. In last two week we had 2 promotions. Firstly there was promotion for 2.000 eRep day, and then Admins pushed MU tournament.

That’s it for now! Expect one more more article in this mandate with the summary of our goals and more statistic. 🙂


President of eJapan

Minister of Finance
Rik Daphnee

Vice Minister of Finance
Milutin Markovic


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