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[MoF] Evaluation of income and expenses up to day 1818

Day 1,819, 14:58 Published in Belgium Belgium by NBB-BNB

Greetings eBelgium,

This is a report on income and expenses for the last 29 days, from 1790 to 1818 of the New World. We will be comparing figures against the previous period reviewed from 1759 to 1788

Daily income

Income had stabilised a little after the change in tax on day 1774.

After a long debate BNA was continued with a reduced budget, and now operates directly on the eBe market because we buy the finished products, while before the money went to external markets to buy raws by the SO's. I checked with the BNA commander, and the occasional spikes in our tax revenue concur with the purchases made on our market.

What does this mean? The reserves are held in a state owned org, the taxes are held in the country account. While we are spending the reserves by allocating a budget to BNA, there is a small portion that flows back to eBe to fund the MPP's and make sure we keep a small amount available in the national treasury. Without the purchases made by BNA our real income would be closer to 1000 cc / day.

It must be said that the peaks from BNA also cover several days where the missions and training war was active, so most likely (a small) part of those peaks are also resulting from soldiers buying weapons or food on the market.

Monthly income

Our monthly income is calculated daily on a rolling 30 day period (sum of latest 30 days of income).

Income was stabilising towards 45K / month.

Currently the monthly income (rolling 30 day period) is flirting with 50K again, but mainly due to the BNA purchases. Without this influence the income would be closer to 35K / month.

Expenses and Reserves

This section is a bit of bad and less bad news to be honest. Income is still much smaller than the expenses. The monthly deficit (spending - income) has been reduced from 350K / month to 230K / month. This is mainly due to BNA costing less than projected even with the reduced supply levels (several soldiers left BNA reducing the amount of supplies needed), Citizen packs which have been reduced to half the amount and limited to level 35 citizens, BTA supply levels which have been reduced, and the BYS program which is still on hold.

This overspending is directly impacting our reserves, and we now went below 2.5 million:

Previously (note that the Y axis is cut at 2.7 milion):

Latest 30 days (note that the Y axis is cut at 2.3 milion):

You may notice that the value of the reserves has gone down with more than 230K. This is because the portion of our reserves in gold is valued at the day price of gold in CC. Since gold value has dropped, this drop is directly reflected in the value of our reserves, which is slightly countered by the reimbursement of all active gold loans (3 loans remain open, one CC loan, and 2 old gold loans to dead citizens). In addition, the full amount of BNA funding has been donated (it represents the two steep drops in the reserves), while more than half of it is still available to be used.

Gold prices

For those interested, a small mapping of the rise and fall of the gold price compared to days where special offers were available.

There were training offers (TO) or discount offers to upgrade factories (SO) or training grounds (TG) at 44% during:
1793 to 1796 SO (temp rise in gold price by 11cc)
1795 to 1798 TO (no increase in price, but price remained stable)
1800 to 1802 TG (temp rise in gold price by 10cc)
new missions from 1806 to 1816 (sharp decline by 80cc)
1814 to 1816 SO (no increase in price, but price remained stable)
This list may be incomplete, feel free to let me know if there are some I missed.


Spending has slowed down thanks to a lot of work with congress. Although we can still debate if it was the right course to take, it was a better course than we were on before.

Still the current expenses continue to deplete our reserves quite rapidly. At this point it is my recommendation to look at a different supply model for BNA, as BNA together with MPP's are our two main expense posts. Alternatively we can look to change our tax levels to see if we can improve our income.

Kind regards,
Minister of Finance



Viridi Day 1,819, 15:41

Good article.

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Day 1,819, 15:47

Good job, Mr MoF, as ever. o7

Aries Sun
Aries Sun Day 1,819, 15:49

v10, s120, very good.

Kylero Day 1,819, 17:16

Great article and analysis!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,819, 22:33

Fail Belgium
Fail COT

BrunoCND Day 1,819, 22:36

Very nice article 😉

Jeiry Day 1,820, 01:26

Yes, be carefull with our reserves. Would be a disaster if eBelgium's reserves are empty the day we'll have a real war on our soil (and not a training one).

JdlF Day 1,820, 04:05

One of the best article ever. /voted / subscribed

Jeiry Day 1,820, 04:37

Here's an intrresting article about countries' revenues and the costs of MPPs :

AndreasC Day 1,820, 09:07

Great article!

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