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[MoF] Evaluation of income and expenses up to day 1788

Day 1,789, 14:28 Published in Belgium Belgium by NBB-BNB

Greetings eBelgium,

This is a report on income and expenses for the last 30 days, from 1759 to 1788 of the New World. We will be comparing figures against the previous period reviewed from 1724 to 1753

Daily income

With the reduced income previously our income was dropping fast.

Following the debate on the topic, our tax values were adjusted on day 1764, resulting in what appears to be a slightly improved income. The downward trend has stopped and improved, even if the income remains very low. Overall the income seems to be stabilising around 1.500 cc / day, or approx 45.000 cc / month.

The main peak observed on day 1774 follows immediately after the latest set of missions was started (including the build rockets mission). This gives you an idea of the impact of those missions.

Monthly income

Our monthly income is calculated daily on a rolling 30 day period (sum of latest 30 days of income).


Last 30 days shows how the income starts to stabilise towards 45K / day

Expenses and Reserves

Our current expenses are still much higher than our income. We are spending roughly 350K more than we are getting in per month. Expenses cover funding our military (BTA and BNA), signing MPP's with our allies, and our Citizen pack and BYS programs. This overspending is directly impacting our reserves:

Previously (note that the Y axis is cut at 3.1 milion):

Latest 30 days (note that the Y axis is cut at 2.7 milion):

You may notice that the value of the reserves has gone down with more than 350K. This is because the portion of our reserves in gold is valued at the day price of gold in CC. Since gold value has dropped, this drop is directly reflected in the value of our reserves, combined with a sharper drop at 1765-1772 caused by both CC and gold loans (these are not counted towards the available reserves). The stabilising trend in the last ten days is linked to the reimbursement of a large part of the outstanding loans combined with a stable gold price hovering around 480cc/gold for the last 10 days.

Gold prices

For those interested, a small (incomplete) mapping of the rise and fall of the gold price compared to days where special offers were available.

There were training offers or discount offers to upgrade at 44% during:
1757 to 1759 (temp rise in gold price by 25cc)
1771 to 1775 (temp rise in gold price by 100cc)
This list may be incomplete, feel free to let me know if there are some I missed.


It has to be noted that despite the stabilising trend in our reserves for the last 10 days (due to loan reimbursements), the spending does not slow down. At the current rate our reserves will still be depleted in 6 to 8 months. As MoF my advice is for Congress to evaluate if we can continue the current rate of spending. Early partial cutting will prevent us from having to seriously cut in our spending several months from now.

Kind regards,
Minister of Finance



Kylero Day 1,789, 15:04

Can we get a government expense report (i.e. what does the gov't pay for and amounts)?

Jeiry Day 1,789, 16:52

These drops are impressive. As you said, gotta be careful about the reserves. I guess all countries face the same problems. Do they ? And how do they manage it ?

SX80 Day 1,789, 16:54

Last 30 days the major costs were 80K on MPP, ~85 gold on BYS, 250.000 on BNA
BNA in turn purchases the raws for SO's who produces supplies for Citizen packs, BTA, BNA, MoD and DoF.

The last BNA payment was lower than usual since the SO's are stopping and no longer need the same level of wages and raws. However we'll need to foresee a budget to purchase supplies to compensate.

At the moment we also have for 35K CC and for 127 gold of loans outstanding

tommot Day 1,790, 03:27

Placed on eBelgium facebook page.
Nice overview.

GoopyPants Day 1,790, 08:52

"The main peak observed on day 1774 follows immediately after the latest set of missions was started (including the build rockets mission)."

Just imagine if we would have been able to do all the missions.

Ely.nea Day 1,791, 00:07

nice report : thanks

Kaad Day 1,791, 03:42

Good job

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