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[MoF] About Tax / Tentang Cukai

Day 1,824, 20:20 Published in Malaysia Indonesia by mhifzan


Selamat sejahtera kepada semua rakyat eMalaysia. Pada minggu ini beberapa undang - undang berkaitan cukai makanan dan senjata telah di gubal bagi mengalakkan pasaran eMalaysia berdaya saing dengan negara - negara berjiran. Berikut adalah undang - undang yang telah diluluskan.

Diharap dengan perubahan, pasaran eMalaysia akan kembali aktif dan cergas.
Akhir kata, belilah barang buatan eMalaysia.

Yang menjalankan tugas,


Menteri Kewangan
Nov 2012


Peace be to all eMalaysian. This week a number of laws relating to food and weapons taxes were formulated to promote a competitive market eMalaysia with another neighboring countries. Here is the list of the law was approved.

Hopefully, with the changes, the market will return eMalaysia active and energetic.
Finally, purchase manufactured eMalaysia.



Minister of Finance
Nov 2012



Leo Syahmessi
Leo Syahmessi Day 1,825, 10:19


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