[MoED] Where to get free stuff in the eUK

Day 5,783, 11:40 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Department for Education

Hello all,

The eUK has always been a good, active place for events and giveaways, and that has not changed this term. Below are all the places you can get free things in the eUK, both from the Government and our generous private citizenry.

New Players

As set out in AMD's manifesto, each new player has received a welcome package within a week of joining the game. This includes 20 Q7 guns, 50 Q7 food and a message from the Government reminding them where they find and ask for help from our mentors. So far this has been sent out to 23 new players.

Ministry of Entertainment

Since the new term began, Sambo has been busy planning some entertainment for all the eUK citizens out there. We have had 2 main events so far, the poetry competition and a creative writing competition that was inspired by a citizen who recently moved to the eUK.

Keep an eye out in the MoENT newspaper and the national feed for more events coming soon. If you have any ideas or suggestions, then feel free to write a comment or send a PM to Sambo223.

MoD Schemes

Christmas Air Programme - get up to 15000 GBP a week by killing people in air battles. You only need to comment on the weekly article if you're on the posted list - https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/newspaper/uk-ministry-of-defence-2762/1

Q7 Weapon Rewards Scheme - get up to 125 Q7 weapons a week for your ground battle kills. You only need to comment on the weekly article if you're on the posted list - https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/newspaper/armed-forces-news-318877/1

Private Giveaways

Although the Government cannot take credit for these privately-run events, they deserve a mention!

Every week, harveytailbanger gives away (currently 120) Q7 weapons to UK citizens who have fought the week before. Keep an eye out, and subscribe to, his newspaper here: https://www.erepublik.com/en/main/newspaper/tupaware-320546/1

This week, Georgelakeland hosted a giveaway where he rewarded people who have commented on his articles. No need to do anything - if you've won, he'll send it! Thank you George. https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/135-gold-food-guns-and-other-stuff--2772412/1/20

Woah! Quick bit of math... from the weekly giveaways alone that's nearly 250 Q7 weapons and 15 gold up for grabs. 35 gold worth of freebies each week!

Don't forget to keep an eye out on the media module for more articles where you can earn free stuff.

Minister of Education