[MoEd] (Re)Launch of the eUK Portal!

Day 5,724, 10:02 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Department for Education

At the moment one of the topics congress is discussing is the New Citizen’s message which citizens receive when they sign up.

This message directs people to the eUk Tutorial and wiki pages, which until the last fortnight have been very much neglected! We have been working hard to update lots of information on it, and whilst we continue to work on that we are nevertheless pleased to present the eUK Portal!

click the picture to be taken to the Portal

Whilst the portal is currently undergoing updates to the supplementary information and activity to update all the external links in our tutorial, it should now be functionally correct for new joiners.

The goal for the Portal will be to have everything a new or experienced player needs to be able to learn about the game, as well as links to government schemes and how to apply in one place. This will sit aside explanations of the different modules available to a player and directions to different discord channels.

We have a tough time with retaining players in the game as I’m sure you all are as concerned as I am about trying to alleviate this issue I would like to invite you all to help with this endeavor!

Currently myself and Mr Woldy are adjusting the page with everything we can think of to give players the best chance of sticking around and so if there’s anything you believe we can add or change then please let us know.

Needless to say if you are a wiki editor and you see any content on the supplementary pages that is out of date let us know. We ask that at this time you abstain from altering the portal page itself so we can be confident of what's in it!

I will also ask the parties to provide links to their discord channels or to create them to try and help grow our communities in order to grow the eUK community as a whole.

We are also refocusing on our mentoring scheme which has been added to the portal. If you would like to be a mentor then please message myself or Mr Woldy and we will add you in.

Let's make the eUK a fun place to be!

Betafoxtrot, Minister of Education