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[MoE] Energy and what is it?

Day 2,215, 07:38 Published in Philippines Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Od Popaj Maliot

Energy and what is it?

Energy is represented by a small green circle with a plus sign and a green bar on the side panel of the eRepublik character your playing, you will find it above the missions.

This number will display your health out of 100.

You lose energy every day when you “Work“ and “Train“.

When you Train, you lose 10 Energy points

When you Work you lose 10 Energy points

You can recover energy after you have used some. The “Recover Energy” button will display a loaf of bread, and its color will also be blue

You can recover energy every 6 minutes, as long as you have food in your storage. After working each day in your companies you will have enough food to recover 200+ energy. When you have no “Recoverable Energy” remaining you can either recover energy using an energy bar which will give you 100 energy

or by consuming a health pack which is purchased with gold.

You can store as much energy as you are allowed (in this case, 100) and you can also have the same amount of recoverable energy stored. When you have 100 energy recoverable and 100 in the energy bar, the 6 minute countdown timer will stop. This means you will have to either use some energy by working, training or fighting, or by building additional “Energy Centers”

The maximum energy for a new citizen is 100 and will increase with 20 at every level up until level 21. At level 21 a citizen will have a maximum energy of at least 500. After level 21, the maximum energy can be increased by purchasing an Energy Center.
In addition, each level up will reward you with a full refill of energy.

You can purchase additional “Energy Centers” by clicking the “Advanced Buildings” tab at the top of the screens found in “My Companies, Training Grounds and Storage”

This will increase your "recoverable Energy" by the amount shown (either 100 or 50, depending on which building is purchased) Both buildings may be bought.

Opening this tab will take you to the “Advanced Buildings” page.

Minister of Education
Day 2,215


Marshal Toto
Marshal Toto Day 2,215, 07:41

GL My Friend

Leonidas80 Day 2,215, 07:44


Damon Salvat0re
Damon Salvat0re Day 2,215, 07:45


Heart Stealer
Heart Stealer Day 2,215, 07:51

Nice Work!!

Tanishq Day 2,215, 08:09


kb1992 Day 2,215, 12:32

Voted, good job.

phau ang
phau ang Day 2,215, 17:03


Makamandag Day 2,216, 23:52


StraightOff Day 2,217, 07:00

hail jamaica..

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