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[MoE] 1691: Weapons worldwide.

Day 1,691, 09:00 Published in Belgium Belgium by NBB-BNB

Greetings eBelgium,

This is a report on weapons market prices as seen today, 1691 of the New World.

Recently we were able to witness global market movements on all positions -from resources and major goods to gold, both directions.

On day 1691, minimal registered STABLE prices for weapons are:

So grab your cheapest weapons while you can \o/
Do not forget that buying from our market brings additional income for all our projects 😃


1) Sudden limited offer may no longer exist due to their exclusive profitability for any buyer, this is just a reminder there is always something better to search!

2) New Mission "Make a difference" forced many players across the world buy materials to produce their rockets, before that, prices were 10-20% lower

3) This also forced the lowering of gold exchange rate, which is now 2000 - 2100 and highly dependent on Major Countries prime-time.

The predictions:

On day 1700 + 3-5 day weapon prices should stabilize again along with average growth of gold exchange rate. Please notice, this is a trivial prediction, automated methods are still work-in-progress.

That's all with weapons for today, thanks for reading 🙂 Next time we gonna pay attention to a beginner's private economy.

ValdemarButor, eBelgian MoE.



Cronoson Day 1,691, 09:01

Comment deleted

BrunoCND Day 1,691, 09:05

Voted, good start 😉

Critically Day 1,691, 09:31

Good report !! 🙂

Viridi Day 1,691, 09:50

Why is the MoE talking about finances?

ValdemarButor Day 1,691, 10:02

hm, no finances here, I guess. except the patriotic recomendation to buy from our market : D

mudduck95 Day 1,692, 08:52

Thanks that helps a lot. Good job!

Ely.nea Day 1,693, 06:46

nice job

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