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[MoDA] We're here for YOU!

Day 2,159, 01:58 Published in South Africa South Africa by eSA Ministry of Education

Greetings fellow eSaffa's

Listen up all you eRepublik eNewbies! MoDA has the privilege of announcing the revival of MoDA's STR & MTR Programs.

"What the hell is Saffa Manne talking about?", he says.

You wan't to know? Well we're always trying to build our eNation (unlike others that have just arrived), so we're starting up these two programs to help with this cause.

"Ja, but what is a STR or a MTR?" he asks.

Here it is:

STR (Strength) Program:

We want our new eCitizens to grow those muscles to become lean mean fighting machines that wreak havoc on the battlefield. How? Glad you asked. We can't send you a personal eTrainer or give you a free eGym membership but we can give you some cc's (moneys) to help you spend in your training ground.

"Free monies? eYes please!"

Yes young man, we're going to donate a financial equivalent of 0.19G because that's how much you need to work in your 'Climbing Center' to gain an extra 2.5 strength. We'll send these monies to you every day if you ask for it. But you have to ask every day. That way we know you'll use it.

"OK Saffa Manne, what else you got for me?"

MTR (Mentor) Program:

Have you hit a 'wall' in how far you've progressed in the game? We at MoDA want to show you how to climb that wall, smash through the wall and eventually walk through the wall! We would like to find you a mentor to advise you. Someone to give you instruction and show you how to 'fly'. We have the best there is in eSA ready to help. All you have to do is let us know and we'll put you in contact with a mentor.

"OK, enough talking Saffa Manne, show me where to sign up?" he asks.

All you have to do is fill in this form! It asks you a some questions that will help US help YOU!

So that's it. Just fill in the form and we'll contact you.

Remember: MoDA, here for YOU!

Saffa Manne



Wilpanzer Day 2,159, 03:00


kuckuck Day 2,159, 03:23


Enriche2Ribeiro Day 2,159, 04:25


Pickn Day 2,159, 10:02


drru Day 2,160, 05:57

don't know how to fill it... or it is not possible?..... the problem is that after an everyday playing, at the end of the day, I dry from energy, food and weapons... nevertheless, i can not achieve anything... need help and support.../

cemmo Day 2,160, 06:06

what is the budget for this? I know lots of new players 😛

drru Day 2,160, 13:11

need support...

Saffa Manne
Saffa Manne Day 2,160, 21:34

MoDA hears you. Have sent you private message.

olmos thri manf
olmos thri manf Day 2,166, 23:31


Unpr3dictabl3 Rand0m
Unpr3dictabl3 Rand0m Day 2,184, 05:48


Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark Day 2,184, 06:22

I need help as well... I run out of food and money alot..

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