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[MoDA #3,5] How to: spend gold? - Guide to new and a bit older players. Part 2

Day 2,042, 17:47 Published in South Africa Poland by El Reto

So let's continue with the topic that interests us all - money.

How You can spend gold?

Training grounds
Wanna earn gold with additional profits?
Invest in trainings.

There are 4 different TG's, each has four levels. Each level doubles basic strength given by facility.

Basic, q1 trainings

Fully upgraded, q4 trainings

Why I should invest in making strength?
There is no doubt in that this game is mostly based on military module.
So if You wan to mean something, You need to have big muscles.
More strength daily means:
- Easier BH
- More rank
- Higher hit, more damage in glory of yours country
- Super soldier medal more often

It's a long way to the top... of course your goal, young player, is to upgrade all trainings to q4. This will provide You with 90 str/day (and SS medal in ab. 2.7 days).
Summary cost of all q4 trainings is 400 gold. Pretty much.
But don't worry, it will take long. It must take long. ERepublik rewards patient.
How long? One, maybe one and a half year.

How to earn on trainings?
Unlike companies (sic!) TG's can provide us with few additional gold.
How to make big money?
Simply, You need to invest in Weights Room (first, free training) and Climbing Center (second, training for 0.19g). It will provide You from 4 to even 13 free gold monthly!

You can calculate training cost/profit here.

What is Training Contract? Should I buy it?
Training contract is offer in which in one day You can pay for whole month of training. After buying It gives You -50% or -90% discount.

Training grounds after buying contract
You should buy it only when You're using all four, upgraded trainings. With it You can save up to 25g monthly.

My advice?
Invest in trainings just from the start. They are only permanent, sure, dependable source of money in eRep.
Of course - before buying wait for promo (with minus -45% one You can nearly upgrade two trainings at price of one).

Advanced buildings
Okay, I've upgraded my TG's, and have some spare gold. How can I use it wisely?
There is one more way to spend spare gold (does sth like this even exist? 😃).
In a tab Advanced buildings You can find:
- Health buildings
- Rocket factories

Energy centers
Two buildings that will obviously help You getting BH medal - Energy centers. They are expensive, (199g for +100 one and 99g for +50) but very useful. You can store up to 1300 energy with it (it gives 130 food fights).
And of course You will be able to sleep 6 and a half hour instead of 5 😃

My opinion?
Very helpful, but very expensive.
Discounts for them are very rare (I've seen it 2 times).
Good move if You want to have more health in one moment and You are feeling well with spending 300g.

Rocket Factories
Another very useful thing for getting (stealing) BH medal.

How do they work?
Firstly, ability to build RF is bounded with Division.

Every level of factory gives us ability to build rocket. The higher level of factory is, the stronger and more expensive the rockets will be.
Rocket cost varies with level of factory.

*Note: All qualities of weapons are required to build 1 rocket.
Rocket pack cost (weapons + currency):
- q1(50k): 211.3 cc (0.93 g) 4.23cc/1k dmg
- q2(250k): 528.25 cc (2.34 g) 2.11cc/1k dmg
- q3(500k): 1056.5 cc (4.67 g) 2.11cc/1k dmg
- q4(1kk): 2113 cc (9.35 g) 2.11cc/1k dmg
- q5(2,5kk): 1113 cc (4,92 g) 0.44cc/1k dmg
You can produce 2 rockets a day, but You can store only one.
In q4 and q5 factories You can produce also 5 min, +50% damage booster. The booster requires the same amount of weapons as the rocket. Also, both rocket and damage booster can be built daily, at a limit of one per day.

What are the rockets properties?
- The damage will be added only to the battle damage and to the Battle Hero and Campaign Hero medal
- No rank points are awarded
- The damage is added to the True Patriot progress
- The damage is added to the Top Damage

My advice?
Rockets are expensive, but useful. It can help You getting BH, especially in lower divisions.
Invested money will quickly return back - if You just use rockets and hunt BH's.

I hope everything is clear now, and all of You will invest gold wisely 😉

That's all folks!
Minister of Domestic Affairs,
El Reto


Albertus Dongo
Albertus Dongo Day 2,042, 20:57


UrosDjeneral Day 2,043, 04:55

Rockets don't cost currency any more, but never mind great article and very useful, voted ! o7

El Reto
El Reto Day 2,043, 17:16

Really? x.x
I've didn't even know that x.x

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