[MoD]: Weekly Rewards: Week 8 & 9

Day 4,881, 19:54 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

Pilot Rewards

We are pleased to announce the MoD weekly rewards for air fighters. the 8th and 9th week edition of the programme. We aplogize for the delay in putting out the article and will give an additional 1000 Q2 food to everyone who comments to this article in addition to the regular monetary rewards.

A quick reminder of the rules:

• We will be paying out 3cc per air kill with the following limitations:
• You get 3cc per air kill, regardless of the battle.
• There will be a cap of 5,000 kills (15,0000 cc) per week for each individual
• Only eUK citizens of level 20 or higher are eligible
• You must do at least 100 kills for the week to qualify

The following pilots fulfilled the requirements and can claim their rewards by commenting below:

March 4th week:

March 5th week:

eUK status update

This week, we have an unlimited tanking event for the easter weekend - you can get EBs and carrots up to 80.000 PP. Everyone is encouraged to make maximum use of this event, tank in epics and gain larger leaps in the ranks.

Everyone is also encouraged to be active and cash in on the Battle Hero and Sky Hero medals. Several opporunities exist in foreign battles and during the resistance wars we organize from time to time.