[MoD] Training War with Estonia

Day 4,255, 08:25 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Defensie

Dear readers,

In order to extend our current Training War with Estonia, we will be adjusting the current arrangement by swapping a region with Estonia to keep determination low. This means that today (day 4255) we will win in Kirde-Eesti, after which we will continue losing the next direct following that campaign.

1. The Training War will be situated in regions Kirde-Eesti and Pohja-Eesti.

2. The Netherlands shall be situated in Kirde-Eesti and win all battles in this region while Estonia will win all battles in the Pohja-Eesti region unless decided otherwise by both governments.

3. The Netherlands shall never attack Estonian regions that are not mentioned in this treaty. In case a different region is attacked, the battle needs to be won by Estonia.

4. If the Netherlands wins any second Estonian region due to whatever circumstances, Estonia will start a resistance war and the Netherlands will give back initiative so that we can return to the intended ping-pong style war.

6. Tax income and rental concession from Estonian regions sent to the Dutch treasury by in-game rules shall be returned to Estonia weekly(or monthly) by methods agreed upon by both governments.

7. The Netherlands is not allowed to attack Estonian neighbours unless agreed between both governments.

8. This training war agreement does not expire unless requested by either the Estonian or Dutch government.