[MoD] (TARE) - Exercise 2

Day 6,009, 00:39 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Ministry of Defence

Tactical Assessment and Readiness Exercise (TARE) - Exercise 2

Yesterday saw the commencement of the second TARE Exercise. The exercise will take place between the following 4 Military Units between Day 6,008 to Day 6,010.

😸 Flying Kittens
💜 Funky Militia
🛫 Royal Air Force
💎 Royal Navy

This article will be updated daily to allow you to track progress, inform you when and where the exercise will take place each day. There will also be a section added to the MoD Info gSheet (https://tinyurl.com/MoDinfoo)

Day 1 Results

Day 2 Results

Final Results

Well Done to Funky Militia o7

Unlucky the Royal Air Force, very close in the end o7

Thank you to all participation Military Units and their members for taking part in the first Tactical Assessment and Readiness Exercise (TARE)

Rewards will be distributed to Commanders in the near future o7

Full exercise gSheet viewer for those who would like to see the details

Reminder of some of the detail of the Tactical Assessment and Readiness Exercise

Any eUK Military Unit or Military Units owned by UK citizens

No BH or SH overhitting (or sniping)

💎3,000cc per participating member
💎1,000cc per successful objective completed
💎Double participation and objective rewards for the “winning” Military Unit

Exercise Objectives will be sent to participating Military Unit Commanders or their nominated command and control players at the beginning of the exercise.

During the TARE there will be the potential for a "special or scramble objectives" for bonus point to be issued via

Telegram UK TW, Epics and TARE co-ordination group - https://t.me/+2MciKfnt-RUyZGM0

Discord #tw-epic-coordination channel - https://discord.com/channels/1115399251241992252/1115696722140745871

It will then be up to the Military Unit to coordinate the successful completion of their exercise objectives.

Results will be compiled and published by the Ministry of Defence at the end of the exercise for all competing Military Units.

Good luck to all those participating o7

Published by Huey George on behalf of the Ministry of Defence