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[MoD] - Orders for Day 2,182

Day 2,182, 14:22 Published in Belgium Belgium by eBelgium Military

Battle Orders for Day 2181

1st PRIORITY: fight for POLAND in the RW

I repeat don't fight for eBelgium

2nd PRIORITY: fight for Chile in Zona Central:


We also want to apologise towards the eBelgian population. An earlier version of the citizen orders contained faulty information. A combination of miscommunication and human error, like always can happen, made this happen. Currently, we are trying to ensure that this can no longer happen.

To be clear, NO eBelgian RW's are supported! Do NOT invest 1000 BEF in an eBelgian RW! This policy will be kept active, untill the moment that an CP article is made with a full explenation of the policy change.

We understand that many citizens have pushed their limits and spend a part of their reserve due to the faulty errors. This is something that we totally regret, especially our youngest and weak players who have outdone theirselves. Therefore, the decision is been made that the ABC-members who spend a part of their reserve, will have a compensation.

thrasos1996, MoD



Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 2,182, 15:01

Fight for Poland! 😒 ?? 😒 o7

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,182, 17:27

poland ftw!

Lord Milorad
Lord Milorad Day 2,182, 18:53

That joke isn't funny ....
Folks fight for eBelgium o7

NLSP Day 2,183, 03:01

Comment deleted

Lord Milorad
Lord Milorad Day 2,183, 06:30

I'm totally confused...Belgium government does not support liberation of their country ??? Help !!!!!!!!!

NLSP Day 2,183, 06:32

The eBelgium goverment wants to see for the moment eBe further wiped. That was the official stance, this is the official stance and until the CP makes a new announcement that will be the official stance.

There is nothing confusing about this!

Lord Milorad
Lord Milorad Day 2,183, 06:49

OK.But it's working against his country.Maybe I d'ont understand this game...I'm still confused.#@?!

MaryamQ Day 2,182, 19:48

It isn't a joke.

SX80 Day 2,183, 04:18

FIght for Poland in all divisions people!

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,183, 04:21

Long life Belgium!

Fight for Poland, against PTOers!

BelgiumGeneral Day 2,183, 04:33


Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,184, 01:31

With Love.

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