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[MoD] Orders for Day 1843

Day 1,843, 00:44 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by NZ Ministry of Defence

Kia ora eKiwis!

Follow the priorities and fight where needed! If the wall in your DIVISION is over 69%, wait and keep the damage.

Priority 1 Fight for Chile in Otago!

Supplies at #help.echile.

For more information

Please, come to NZARMY
(#NZARMY @ RIZON, if the link doesn't work)

Spread this order to everyone!
Let's be proud and united!
To victory!

Once again, THANK YOU for the trust and support.

MoD team of New Zealand


Djeza Day 1,843, 02:41


JarkesH Day 1,843, 04:31

Have you got any other orders, like not fight for Chile?

CrackShotNZ Day 1,843, 21:50

Jarkesh, Chile is our ally and their progress into South America dictates the return of our regions, therefore it is in our best interests to help them in their battles.

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