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[MoD] Orders for Day 1839 UPDATED

Day 1,839, 01:06 Published in New Zealand New Zealand by CrackShotNZ

Kia ora eKiwis!

Follow the priorities and fight where needed! If the wall in your DIVISION is over 69%, wait and keep the damage.

Priority 1 Fight for Chile in the Northern Territory !!!

Do NOT fight for Canterbury!

For more information

Please, come to NZARMY
(#NZARMY @ RIZON, if the link doesn't work)

Spread this order to everyone!
Let's be proud and united!
To victory!

Once again, THANK YOU for the trust and support.

MoD team of New Zealand


Kattiaa Day 1,839, 01:20

Go go Kiwis, help ally : )

Hail eNZ!
Hail eChile!
Hail CoT!


Tasmaryn Day 1,839, 01:26


Plitvicki Inspektor
Plitvicki Inspektor Day 1,839, 06:49


Leo de Salto II
Leo de Salto II Day 1,839, 09:52



Hail NZ
Hail Chile!
Hail CoT!

IlichRamirezSanchez Day 1,839, 12:28

o/ Viva Free NewZealand! Sub.:36 - Vote:12

JarkesH Day 1,839, 13:14

MoD haven't got own press? And why we must renting regions when we are erase from map?

ZaXo Day 1,839, 13:20

Seriously! Why doesn't Chile give back our territories?!
Its bad enough we got Aussies and Argentina on our backs...

CrackShotNZ Day 1,839, 13:39

MoD does have its own paper but the account got hacked, it has just been recovered and tomorrows orders will be released from there.

CrackShotNZ Day 1,839, 13:49

In answer to why Chile has the regions:
Chile needs thous regions for war with ARG.
They liberated us so we are doing something for them in return.

Manrod78 Day 1,839, 15:46

Kiwimates, its really we still have some Argentine occupation in NZ. We could give you the land back of course (as we did last week), but then its the perfect ocassion for Argetina to launch immediate attack again and open several fronts, re-occupying your lands. They did this before, diverting our COT Forces for their interests. Once we have kicked the Argentine from NZ and almost recovering our complete homeland connected to yours, Args not able to reattack you, you get it back for SURE.

Manrod78 Day 1,839, 15:55

by the way, too all you Kiwis:
For this 3rd of December, all of you sending me a short message with "Kiwiwarrior+yourname" in the header, I will give you a gift of 100 energy. Just drop me a shout and I will send you!

Next days and weeks are gonna be real fun! We will block nasty eArgentina for you and aim to counteroccupy them. Now or never!!!

Hail eNZ!!
Hail eChile!!
Hail COT!!

EDMONDTOT Day 1,840, 00:01


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