[MoD] Japan won this campaign ! Democracy preserved !

Day 2,710, 09:46 Published in Japan Japan by Battleship Force

Public announcement

Consequences of military coup against democracy in eJapan and her legitimate government, started by domestic traitors supported by huge number of international players, thirsty for medals, power and destruction of our small peaceful country, are still unknown. Financial situation is worse then ever because of this selfish act of treason.

Just few days ago, people from MU`s who supported this coup urged for our TW with Russia to end ASAP. Why ? They said that they were wasting stashes ?! Stashes for what ? Now we saw for what were those stashes for.

Starting dictatorship, to help them come to power and destroy everything that has been built :

~ Our relations with neighboring countries.

~ Territories that we negotiated to be returned.

~ Alliance relations.

~ Financial situation and steady growth of income into treasury.

Everything that was good and going for better !

~ JUST because they were not elected and runing eJapan and could not be elected for months now !

- MULTIES, a lot of them waiting for the ban | Profiles banned so far :

1. http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/8679254

2. http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/8684241

3. http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/8666147

~ Edit :

4. http://www.erepublik.com/sr/citizen/profile/8684237

Worst selfish group of players ever on Erepublik !


1. Make multies so they can be elected.

2. eJapan has help program for D1 & D2 players - they use multies to use them for getting free Q7 tanks and Q5 bread daily, start selling them on the market - using our country`s budget to gain personal wealth ! ( Leaches - right qualification )

3. Started military coup to destroy and weak eJapan from outside, making country more vulnerable to any future attacks.

4. Divide country to blocks, with hate speech and rethorics ( common only for WW II Germany ) towards serbian community, most numerous in eJapan.

5. Force government to spend money that could be used for greater goods defending against their SELFISH needs to rule !

6. The excuse we heard from some of them for doing this is to make it more FUN !?


1. Because of financial draining of our country, from today, MoSA - Ministry of Social Affairs will restrict help to ALL D1 & D2 players !

2. NEBULA membership has been frozen until further change of decision ! All orders and priorities of this Alliance will be ignored starting today !

3. Members of ALL MU`s supported coup with citizenship of eJapan will be considered TRAITORS and will be rejected for any request from government in the future !

4. More in upcoming days...

We`re ending this article with 2 most important pictures and then rest for awhile, so we can regain energy and focus on financial consolidation of our country.


MoD team for April,

-Minister, Watan Tanka

-vMinister, arhangellord

Banzai o7