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[MoD] Donations - Again make a difference

Day 2,035, 16:41 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Defensie


Beste inwoners van eNederland en andere lezers,

Onze regering roept iedereen met een hart voor Nederland op om geld/goud en/of Q7 wapens te doneren voor onze bevrijdingsoorlogen. Als je goud over hebt kun je dat doneren via de monetary market. Neem daarvoor contact op met Weekstrom.

Dit is jullie kans om onze oorlogsspelen terug te krijgen. Jullie, mijn mede-inwoners, kunnen dit mogelijk maken. Alle beetjes helpen, dus doneer 1,2,3,4... of meer goud aan onze staatsbank via de MM of als dat te lastig is, via Thanatos the Magnificent zodat we onze bevrijdingsoorlogen kunnen blijven supplyen!

Dus doneer wat geld/goud en/of Q7 wapens, zodat we onze oorlogsspelen terug kunnen krijgen.

Vecht eensgezind door in te loggen op ons officiële IRC kanaall. Gecoördineerde aanvallen kunnen van groot belang zijn tijdens moeilijke battles. En natuurlijk zullen we een PM thread openen naar alle Commanders van Nederland. Houdt je MU shouts in de gaten!

Battle Instructies:
De battle module is gebaseerd op een punten systeem dat punten toekent aan de kant die de bar over 50% in hun voordeel houdt. Als de battle verdergaat, worden er elke minuut meer punten gegeven. Vecht alleen als geen van beide kanten bijna 1800 punten heeft, wat nodig is om de battle te winnen. Probeer niet eerder te vechten dan in de laatste 30 minuten (als het niet nodig is), liefst nog wat langer, dan krijg je per minuut al 6 keer zoveel punten als in het begin van de battle. Als de bar niet in ons voordeel is, moet je natuurlijk wel vechten.

Zie ook de Wiki's Military Tutorial voor meer informatie over de war module.

Thanatos the Magnificent, Minister van Defensie
Aries Prime, Minister van Defensie
pieper126, Staatssecretaris van Defensie
Piet Heyn, Staatssecretaris van Defensie


Dear citizens of eNederland, and other readers,

Our goverment is calling on everybody with a heart for the Netherlands to donate money/gold and/or Q7 weapons for our war efforts. If you have any extra gold we would appreciate if you could donate through MM, please contact Weekstrom.

This is your change to have our war games back! Our goverment will help our people for war games. You, my dear fellow citizens, have keys in your hands. Donate 1,2,3,4... or more gold to our national bank through MM or Thanatos the Magnificent so that we can keep supplying our resistance wars!

Donate some money/gold and/or q7 weapons to us. This way we might can have war games back.

Fight as one by logging onto our official channel. Co-ordinated attacks can be vital during prioritised battles. And ofc will open a PM thread with all of Commanders in the Netherlands. Keep an eye on your MU shouts!

Battle Instructions:
The battle module is based on a points system that awards one side points for every minute they hold the bar over 50% in their favor. As the battle progresses, the points awarded for each minute increases. Fight only if neither side has accumulated 1800 points, which is the total needed to secure victory. Try to hold for the last 30 minutes of the battle (if not necessary), when points are worth 6 times what they are in the beginning of the battle. However, if the bar is not in our favor, of course you should fight!

See Wiki's Military Tutorial for more information on the war module.

Thanatos the Magnificent, Minister of Defense
Aries Prime, Minister of Defense
pieper126, State secretary of Defense
Piet Heyn, State secretary of Defense

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Nomadicracer Day 2,035, 20:33

" so that we can keep supplying our resistance wars!"
lol... all of our countless RW's.. what a pitch! ha!

Tim Veltkamp
Tim Veltkamp Day 2,035, 20:43

"so that we can keep supplying our useless resistance wars!"
fixed that for you.

ElGorro Day 2,035, 22:06

Last months more than 500g and 75k nlg was donated to the state and as far as I know nothing was used. Maybe use those donations first before asking more money from players.

Weekstrom Day 2,035, 22:20

I know you sadly are about to quit ElGorro, but I don't expect you to start mud throwing. You know that the gold is reserved, the main part with a specific reason. One of them being upping the state comp you still own once it is transferred. And don't make me start about other matters concerning the state comp related issue and donations/money involved that I'm sure you're aware off.

Weekstrom Day 2,035, 22:22

I still hate the fact you can't edit; Most of the gold AND MONEY are reserved for a specific goal.

ElGorro Day 2,035, 23:19

I dont know money is reserved for a specific goal? Can you tell how much and for what reason?

Weekstrom Day 2,036, 01:01

I could but I don't. Several people gave money specificly asking me to guard it and use it for specific goals. Once a gov steps forward that has matching plans or when for other reasons I see a (possible) match that needs some work I surely will step forward or let something be investigated. Or perhaps try to do it myself although it saddens me no one seems to be able/willing to calculate on things...
That said it is also possible that some less useful but for other reasons stated goal will be pursued.

ElGorro Day 2,036, 02:05

So how should I knew gold is reserved for specific secret goals. Are you referring to money on the state accounts or other funds?

Weekstrom Day 2,036, 14:11

Because it's been told before? And if longer term memory fails; recently posted also as comment on an article of yourself that you read 14 hours before questioning the use of donations.

ElGorro Day 2,036, 22:08

Ive heard it for the first time in the comment on my article. And again, are you refering to money thats currently on the state accounts or other funds?

ElGorro Day 2,036, 22:07

Comment deleted

Broersje Day 2,036, 00:22

Why, exactly, is spending tons of money and supplies on starting RW's a good idea?

Broersje Day 2,036, 00:22

That came out slightly wrong. I meant to ask a totally open question, not one that sounds aggressive. 🙂

Weekstrom Day 2,036, 00:55

It ain't.

Broersje Day 2,036, 01:39

So why this article? I don't understand.

Weekstrom Day 2,036, 12:31

Answered a bit lower in Tim's post...

Gilio82 Day 2,036, 03:52

Because that is what keeps us happy, "brood en spelen"

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,036, 14:54

W meant; "as long as we don't spend tons of money and supplies". 😉

and we sure didn't; we stopped supplying during the 2nd round.

Shoi12 Day 2,036, 00:30

Poland's busy~

Let's give em hell :3

071leiden Day 2,036, 08:00

Better to spend our money and gold on fighting the pink than donate it to them for renting our regions.

ElGorro Day 2,036, 09:32

I dont know anybody in NL who want to rent our own regions from Poland. There are other options though, but NL did not have chosen for those. The people who have chosen for this path should donate for this cause. Let them prove I'm wrong. I won't donate anything for this lost cause.

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Day 2,036, 13:42

Guys, you better fight. Ukraine got similar agreement with Hungary and many Ukrainians feel like slaves or helots now. Go ahead Nederland! Show your orange power!

Tim Veltkamp
Tim Veltkamp Day 2,036, 09:02

you're basically giving them the gold anyway by starting these rws

Nomadicracer Day 2,036, 10:34

NO... We give our own soldiers the chance for Patriot gold.. and BH gold... Soldiers and citizens with more gold.. are more effective.. and better suited to help our country down the road... its crazy some folks think that sitting idly by.. over taxing our citizens.. without any congress or government.. is somehow the right way to play this war game... IT IS NOT.... More gold.. more fighting strength, rank points ....and a coordinated & experienced fighting force...thats what we should be striving for!! Tim are you polish spy?.. if you aren't you should look in to being compensated for such comments ... im sure the polish would prefer a bunch of complacent slaves like you seem to be striving for... Very Sad indeed!

Weekstrom Day 2,036, 12:30

Polish soldiers gain much more from any RW that is started against them. Any RW that is started strengthens them and weakens us. But only sitting back and relax or get frustrated ain't working either. And thus we ask people that can afford it to donate a bit so we can supply to those who can't. Nothing wrong with that as long as we throw in tons of cc/gold.

Weekstrom Day 2,036, 22:31

as long as we DON't throw in tons of cc, but you figured that 😉

M. de Ruyter Day 2,036, 13:22

Comment deleted

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Day 2,036, 13:44

Move your production capacities somewhere else for bonuses but keep some 'core' citizens. Look at the problem from novice's perspective

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,036, 13:58

our comunes are already in eChina mate, that's not the problem

Jaroslav Kolesnik
Jaroslav Kolesnik Day 2,036, 14:01

Great! I wish you good luck in the game!

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,036, 14:52

As this will be our last organised RW, special medals will be handed out for your efforts!

ElGorro Day 2,036, 22:11

The last yes? So do you want me to drop all I have there now? And why will it be the last?

djirtsdew Day 2,036, 23:28

I don't see why it should be the last. One approximately every 2 weeks makes more sense.

This one was timed unluckily and meant to allow everyone some last option for the quests. So we more or less knew up-front we wouldn't be conquering back our region. But future RWs could be better coordinated internationally giving us a bigger chance of success.

SKYJACKED Day 2,037, 07:16

Great on the special medals, but why the last one??? , agree with weekstrom that once in a set time frame would be good ...that way players can get some TP gold and life time damage up .

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,037, 07:28

the last one during this term. and if you get a I&W CP, there won't be any RWs anymore. They want to go on their kneew for the pigs.

SKYJACKED Day 2,037, 07:37

Aaah i see ....., hope not coz i do NOT kneel to the polish ....... i refuse to be a slave .....

ElGorro Day 2,037, 12:19

Comment deleted

ElGorro Day 2,037, 12:21

I&W yes? What a nonsense. GPN is the biggest party, so you guys have the best papers for selecting a President. And You are not even half way mr President. Stop whining and start ruling this country.

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