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[MoD] Day 1985-1986 Battle Orders

Day 1,985, 00:06 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Defence

Please fight in the battle with the lowest wall. To open battle click on the image. If the image and link is not the same, please refresh by ctrl+f5!

To get 10 Q7 tanks you have to:
1. have Swiss citizenship
2. defeat 25 enemies in one of the battles set as orders by MoD
3. make screenshot from battle statistics with the day of eRepublik (like that )
4. comment article with orders with link to your screenshot (You can use for example
5. vote this article
6. wait for tanks

Swiss MoD
dyplomata z krakowa,
Swiss vMoD


Swiss Dep. of Defence
Swiss Dep. of Defence Day 1,985, 00:07

Text for shout:

[MoD] Day 1985 Battle Orders !

Swiss Citizens Earn 10 Q7 Tanks

Vote and shout

Szym3k o7
Szym3k o7 Day 1,985, 03:12

daj tanka

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