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[MoD] Day 1915 Battle Orders

Day 1,913, 17:11 Published in Switzerland Bulgaria by chukcha

Argentina - Mesopotamia
Fight for Brazil

To get 10 Q7 tanks you have to:
1. have Swiss citizenship
2. defeat 25 enemies in one of the battles set as orders by MoD
3. make screenshot from battle statistics with the day of eRepublik (like that )
4. comment article with orders with link to your screenshot (You can use for example
5. wait for tanks

Swiss vCP


Rican Day 1,913, 22:32


xxCloveR333xx Day 1,914, 05:06

Day 1914 for Brazil - Pampas

Zordacz Day 1,914, 10:58

Comment deleted

VESTITEL Day 1,915, 03:53
For Brazil

Bilioner Day 1,933, 14:32

Vote 21

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