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[MoD] CP elections, new look of articles, tanks giveaway, vMoD

Day 1,964, 05:23 Published in Switzerland Peru by VaIentine MD

Hello Switzerland!

First of all, I want to congratule Trogdorthetroll100 on winning Country President elections! We have majority in congress (6 out of 9 Congressmen) and from today we have also trusted CP! I am sure that Troggy will be great at his position and it is my pleasure to work with him.

Secondly, i want to tell you about new idea, which will help you to fight for our Ministry orders. You can ask, why? You do not need to open article every time to see, what are orders in that time, because you will see it on the main page under Military Campaigns.

The only thing you need to do is:

a) for people who have Firefox
- install Greasemonkey
- install
- change country for Switzerland (you can change that on the left sidebar under you account)

for people who have Google Chrome
- install Tampermonkey
- install
- change country for Switzerland (you can change that on the left sidebar under you account)

Articles with orders will change look. Instead of banners with priority of battle, you will see:

It is very useful, because when i publish article with orders in my newspaper, only me can change them. Thanks to that few people could change orders by setting them on egov. We can change battle, priority (amount of stars - 1 star the lowest, 7 stars the highest). To open a battle you need to click on that image.

Thirdly, i want to remind you about our MoD tanks giveaway. Till now, we gave out 4480 Q7 tanks to 29 citizens since 1870 erep day. To get tanks, you need to fight for MoD orders and comment article with screenshot from Battle Statistics with minimum 25 kills. The only requirement is having Swiss Citizenship. Please, vote and shout MoD's articles, so more people will see it.

Last, but not least. I want to inform you that from today our new vMoD is... dyplomata z krakowa. He will help me in Ministry to set orders, so you could fight for our allies in the most important battles. Good luck!

Swiss MoD
dyplomata z krakowa
Swiss vMoD


OMGWTFIDK Day 1,964, 05:39

Nice script. I'll instal it later on after breakfast. 🙂

Rican Day 1,964, 07:07

Please, vote and shout MoD's articles, so more people will see it.

Rican Day 1,964, 07:10

Comment deleted

Rican Day 1,964, 07:17

Comment deleted

Rican Day 1,964, 07:18

Please shout something like this:


[MoD] Day 1964 Battle Orders & New Format !

Swiss Citizens Earn 10 Q7 Tanks



Thedillpickl Day 1,964, 09:57

Did someone leave a window open? I feel a lot of wind all of a sudden.

Cronoss Day 1,964, 10:23

yeah, I farted. Enjoy ; )

Thedillpickl Day 1,964, 10:30

Great news everyone!

Whenever Cronoss 'says' anything it is only a fart, nothing important. Potpourri

Hunter4Life123 Day 1,964, 09:09

A great idea, but I don't think I want to install anything. I'm fine with looking at the articles. : ) But, I have to say, it is a very good idea that will help more people see it and fight! Good job!

Thedillpickl Day 1,964, 09:58


jensenn Day 1,964, 11:32


Hunter4Life123 Day 1,965, 15:31

As you get more experience in the game, you get more gold. Sometimes it's too much. : P

VESTITEL Day 1,965, 01:39


Sheldon the Mad Scientist
Sheldon the Mad Scientist Day 1,965, 03:29


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