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[MoD] Communes System

Day 1,812, 11:00 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Defensie

Zoals iedereen weet hebben we communes systeem. Een soort van supplies systeem. Maar er gaan wat dingen veranderen in de Communes om het verlies zo ver mogelijk te beperken. We nemen daarom een paar maatregelen.

Sinds vandaag zijn de lonen verandert, zoals Dave Brinkman al in een bericht had gestuurd. De lonen zijn verandert naar 5 Q7 wapens we kijken hoe dat gaat en misschien gaat het naar 6Q7 wapens. Dit komt omdat de Q6 fabriek van Dave is geüpgrade naar Q7.
Binnenkort zal Dave Brinkman ook gaan verhuizen naar eBrazil. Dus als je dan in de communes wilt werken moet je naar eBrazil verhuizen.

De raws zijn de grootste kostenpost. We zoeken daarom Raw partners die elke dag weapon raws aan Dave Brinkman storten. Als je je wilt aanmelden als raw partner of je hebt vragen over hoe het precies werkt. Neem dan contact op met Dave Brinkman of kamp amersfoort.

Soldaten, be prepared!

Dave Brinkman, Minister van Defensie
Kamp amersfoort, Staatssecretaris van Defensie


As everybody knows, we have a communes system. A kind of supplies system. But there are some things that's gonna change in the communes, to prevent the loss as far as possible. We therefore take a few measures.

Since today the wages changed, as Dave Brinkman had already sent in a message. Wages have changed to 5 Q7 weapons. We will see how that goes and maybe it goes to 6 Q7 weapons. This is because the Q6 factory of Dave Brinkman has been upgraded to Q7. Soon Dave Brinkman will move to eBrazil. So if you want to work in the communes you need to move to eBrazil.

The weapon raws are the largest cost. We are therefore looking Raw Partners who donate every day Weapon Raw to Dave Brinkman. If you want to sign yourself up as Raw partner or you have some questions about it, you can message Dave Brinkman or Kamp amersfoort.

Soldiers, be prepared!

Dave Brinkman, Minister van Defensie
Kamp amersfoort, Staatssecretaris van Defensie

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M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 1,812, 11:06


Kixtart Day 1,812, 11:14

Ik stuur zo wel een PM. Doe niet zoveel met mijn raws naast om de zoveel tijd verkopen in NL.

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,812, 11:22

5 Q7 weapons won't complete DO's, but we'll see how it goes.

Kixtart Day 1,812, 11:40

You can get another job and try to buy more then 5x Q7 :- )

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,812, 13:33

Didn't say 5 q7 isn't good, did I?

Kixtart Day 1,812, 14:17

It sounded more negative then you intended probably :- )

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,812, 14:28

Well obviously there's gonna be a dilemma with the new system. Economy is fucked, and people are gonna lose money daily trying to finish DO's. We'll be a broke bunch of fellas, soon enough.

Ariovistuz Day 1,812, 14:43

Can someone help me join this?
I'd like to work for the communes and get supplies, is there a link?

Ariovistuz Day 1,812, 14:43

And 5x Q7 tanks is way more than most wages are anyway, in value of cc.
So it's still better off.

A Legend Killer
A Legend Killer Day 1,812, 15:51

Only person I know of is Dave Brinkman in America.

Nictefa Day 1,812, 22:02

Still sounds nice as 5 Q7's a day are still giving me the opportunity to do 5x the DO a week. And that's without the use off supplies on irc (which I myself am not that active as well by the way)
As for the costs savings I doubt it will have that much effect. Now you need 1.000 raws a player where it used to be 1.040. So 40 raw a player saved. lets say we have 30 working in the commune in the weapons factories and some raw mines it saves 1.200 raw a day. At current rates NLG 108.

Nictefa Day 1,812, 22:05

About the weapons raw partners; As far as I know you can not donate raw's to a player, so how would that work? I would imagine selling to dave and payback could work but then he has to move everytime at the cost of 20-100 NLG single trip.

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Day 1,813, 23:17

@nictefa your alright about the Raw partners

Weekstrom Day 1,813, 00:58

@Nictefa; You're right about the small effect it has on raws needed. Still it's a first step to make it less costly.
And for those who wonder why it's so difficult where Q6 didn't seem to be a problem; The name of the weapon is misleading. Measured in damage the name should be Q10 and in building costs you should even compare it with Q20. You can all imagine the major impact it has on the costs and use of raws. I suspect weapons raw will become sparse in time and prices will rise (weps as well)

Rineke Day 1,813, 02:14

Zijn de communes klaar voor Q8 : ) Dat gaat enorm veel raws kosten, is Q7 nog niks bij.

Kixtart Day 1,813, 02:34

20NLG isn't that bad, but only if there are many raws available each time.

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