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[MoD] Battle Orders: Day 2,148. FIGHT FOR USA!

Day 2,148, 06:18 Published in Canada Canada by Canadian Civil Defence

Important News


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About the eNL Airstrike on eCanada:

As most of you might have noticed, Netherlands currently occupies NWT as part of a deal with Canada. They are attempting to flee Poland and secure a congress for later this month. Please fight for them when a RW in NWT opens.

Last Updated: 06:15, Day 2,148


Priority 4: Fight for USA in New Mexico! (MPP Battle)

DO NOT waste damage. Don't fight when the wall is over 60% in our favour, wait until you are needed and watch the wall!

If you have any questions, need supplies, or just want to chill with other Canadians and Erep friends, visit us in our IRC Channel: IRC (Rizon: #eCan)

You can also click the logo below to be connected to #eCan with the Mibbit web client:

Addy Lawrence
CP of Canada

Minister of Defense

Zianni Vaatez
Deputy Minister of Defense


Viarizi Day 2,148, 06:23

Glad to see the White North helping out!

DnPijote Day 2,148, 07:51

2148* 😛

Utat Day 2,148, 07:52


Sal T. Balls
Sal T. Balls Day 2,148, 10:59


DiPink Pie
DiPink Pie Day 2,148, 17:13

Don't waste your damage, dear eCanadians 😕

klop123 Day 2,149, 08:52

Where else can it go? There are no winnable battles on our side

Mr.Mazdar Day 2,149, 16:57

Very informative, nicely written. voted.

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