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[MoD] Battle Orders - Day 1888

Day 1,888, 05:16 Published in Belgium Belgium by eBelgium Military
Do your Daily Order, and get one Bazooka and one Energy Bar


Fight for Macedonia in Eastern Macedonia


supplies on Rizon:

Fight for Chile in Zona Central


supplies on Rizon: #help.echile

Usefull information about the priority system:

Any questions? Ask us via pm.

Tony Clifford
Minister of Defense

vice-Minister of Defense

Join a state owned military unit:

Belgian National Army: Open for all belgian citizens that are in division 2, 3 or 4. Want to join: Pm BrunoCND.

Belgian Civilian Army is a military unit open for every civilian who wants to join. No strict military or rules just a way to get your daily energy bar and bazooka.

Belgian Training Academy - Welcome to all our new players, here you will learn all you have to know ! Feel free to ask if you have questions.

More information about our state MUs here:



J O J I N Day 1,888, 05:21


greetings from chile

i miss you eBelgium.. ;__;

NicknameFromRonny Day 1,888, 05:46

eBelgium supports CoT!

Rojtari Day 1,888, 06:02

Why to fight?
Can anybody explain this game?
For what are these articles?

Jeiry Day 1,888, 06:30

Welcome Rojtari !
Small questions needing big answers. I let somebody involved in the government or in the army explaining you. But if nobody does, you can talk to me by private message.

RooieLente Day 1,889, 23:01

Sir yes Sir!

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