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[MoD] Battle Orders Day 1825

Day 1,824, 08:36 Published in Canada Canada by Canadian Civil Defence

Click the icons below to get straight to the battles that will help Canada & her allies!
Cliquez sur les icônes ci-dessous pour obtenir directement aux batailles qui aideront le Canada et ses alliés !

Fight for Canada against Poland!!

Liberate Yukon!
Libérez la région du Yukon!

Fight for Greece against Macedonia!

Help Greece invade Macedonia!
Aider la Grèce à envahir le Macédoine!

Move and fight Argentina against Chile!

Help Argentina defeat some more Chileans!
Combat pour l'Argentine contre les Chiliens!

If the walls are over 60%, move and fight for our other allies!

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ElPatoDiablo & Klop123
CP of Canada & MoD of Canada


crisfire Day 1,824, 08:41

lookin snazy

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,824, 09:10

Francais, non?

klop123 Day 1,824, 09:22

I tried ^__^

weezo1 Day 1,824, 13:33

Nice touch there, i like the official GOVT BOD in both language 🙂 Me gusta RAEEEE

klop123 Day 1,824, 13:37

thanks weezo!

Plugson Day 1,824, 13:46

What's with the glitchy Colombia MPP today. It's off then on then off again, just as Colombia enter the final round of the battle.

El Marin
El Marin Day 1,824, 15:05

Just moved to Greece to help them out 😁!

Plugson Day 1,824, 15:13

We do have an MPP with Greece so you can stay in Canada to support it.

Wilhelm Gunter
Wilhelm Gunter Day 1,824, 21:22


Adrastos Amon
Adrastos Amon Day 1,825, 18:58


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