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[MOB] How is Joshua Morriseau doing?

Day 2,138, 03:38 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by ElGorro

ElGorro: Whats your RL age, RL citizenship and occupation?
Joshua Morriseau: 19, Canadian, Student
ElGorro: Tell us something noone ingame knows about you from real life.
Joshua Morriseau: My favourite band is Tegan and Sara, they are Canada's best export. Im literally obsessed! Ive been a huge fan forever even though there newest album has propelled them to stardom around the world. Instead of posters or pictures on my walls I literally have their albums in vinyl in picture frames instead of regular pictures...I can't help it...Im even listening to them as I type this right now. Check out their latest single!
ElGorro: Can you explain why and when you left the Netherlands?
Joshua Morriseau: I left the Netherlands around 7-8 months ago I would say. There was a few reasons to it. One of the major ones was that I was tired of the fighting. We just could not get along together. The division that GPN and demNL caused was to much for the nation to handle. Another reason was that we just could not put ourselves back on the map and I didn't see that changing anytime soon. The game just gets boring when we have no country.
ElGorro: Can you tell why you have chosen for Norway?
Joshua Morriseau: Well originally I didn't. I moved to South Africa following my leave from the Netherlands. I think you may be surprised to hear this but there government and people fought even more than the Dutch! Hard to believe I know but again it was to much to bear so after a couple months there I chose Norway. I prefer smaller nations, the community's are tied closer together and they were always one of the Netherlands best allies.
ElGorro: Can you recommend Norway to people who are planning to leave the Netherlands? And why?
Joshua Morriseau: Of course! Its a great place. There is next to no fighting here and the parties co-operate together unlike anywhere I have ever seen. In fact I have helped my good friend Jasper already move here. He was tired of the fighting to. As well the Norwegians are very welcoming. I mean Ive only been here for 3 months and I have won Congress 3x now and am now serving as a Minister. Very welcoming and trusting, this would never happen anywhere else I think.
ElGorro: How do you think the Netherlands remembers you?
Joshua Morriseau: This is a tough one. I would like to say that many will remember me as a leader who promoted the involvement of young citizens and who managed to take GPN from #2 to #1, a position which hasn't changed since then. I think that is how GPN members would view me and as someone who always stuck up for GPN and for being the one the nation turned to when demNL and I&W worked together to elect Kimberly, a big failure. However I would say a lot of people who were opposition members from my time there would view me as a van Spijck "lap dog" and a hard ass.
ElGorro: What should happen for you to move back to the Netherlands?
Joshua Morriseau: Well a bit of unity would be nice but most importantly a peace deal with Poland that would make way for a new Dutch state. The game just isn't fun when you have been wiped for nearly a year. But I must admit even if all that happened I really don't know if I would leave Norway, I have found many new friends and I like my new home very much.
ElGorro: You were active GPN member in the Netherlands. Do you still have contact there?
Joshua Morriseau: Yes I do. Mostly keep in contact with the younger citizens that I helped bring in. I don't think my work there was really appreciated as much by the veteran members of GPN because I was viewed as more of a threat to power for the leadership of GPN. I even served as an Advisor in the last government of Aries, something I don't think many were aware of.
ElGorro: You are now member of the party Free Liberty Can you compare this party with your old party GPN?
Joshua Morriseau: There are many differences. The big one would have been that I joined one of the smallest party's upon my arrival but I have managed to make it grow so that isn't a difference anymore. The other major difference is activity. GPN is a hugely active party and has helped make sure it stayed that way by keeping its new and young members active, something that should be applauded. In Free Liberty the activity is a lot smaller. We are the second largest party however only had a 32% voter turn out in the recent Congress elections placing us at a distant #4. Im working hard to improve activity, however here in Norway there could be no party that could compare to GPN in activity.
ElGorro: I see you are still using the avatar of the Dutch MU Praetorian Guard NL, but you are member of Det Norske Forsvaret now. Can you explain why you still using the avatar of the Praetorian Guard NL?
Joshua Morriseau: There is a method to my madness. My avatar reflects the places that have held my heart in this game. As you can see by my avatar that would be Bolivia and the Netherlands. I hope to soon add a piece of Norway to my avatar as well.
ElGorro: Do you have a message for the Dutch community?
Joshua Morriseau: I want to take this time to thank everyone in the Netherlands who was apart of my life there whether it be friend or foe. It helped shaped me as a politician and I have brought that experience here to Norway. I would also like to express my appreciation for the resistance against Poland and this may go against the way GPN thought back when I was around but if a deal is offered and you must pay a small amount of money, take the deal already! I don't want to see you wiped for the next year to. And lastly I must say, please find a way to come together. The rift caused by GPN and demNL has damaged the country to beyond repairable at this point. I hope a peace deal can be brokered so that the nation can start to heal. And please keep in touch, Im only in Norway! Always here if anyone needs help with anything, (including a reference for immigration to Norway) Be kind to one another!


Shtula Day 2,138, 03:52

Very nice! Voted! o/ Hail eNetherland!!!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,138, 03:58


james janeway
james janeway Day 2,138, 04:37

Heel goed interview. Dank daarvoor!
Dit is een geweldig initiatief. Ik hoop dat er meer komen.

ElGorro Day 2,138, 04:42

Er komen zeker meerdere. Ik heb al diversen aangeschreven.

Kordak Day 2,138, 05:43

Nice article! Voted 🙂

Arcanic Mindje
Arcanic Mindje Day 2,138, 08:01

Great article! 🙂

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,138, 08:59

Glad to hear Joshua is doing so good in eNorway!

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,138, 09:11

I am, still miss you guys though!

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,138, 09:14

same here mate 😛
btw, I tried to make a good respectfull peace with ePL, we even signed an agrement, but the majority of ePL Congress didn't seem to care for that, and impeached their CP. 🙁

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,138, 09:16

I seen that! Its really sad actually but perhaps soon they may get some politicians with some heads on their shoulders who would see the benefit and not want to kill an entire erep community.

Zeeuwsmeisje Day 2,138, 11:50

Hope you can build a party as active as GPN, and join us on #geuzen when you feel like it!

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,138, 17:00

I hope so to and I definitely will!

Jeroen van Laar
Jeroen van Laar Day 2,139, 00:24

Thank you for the music Joshua. They are great! Weird how so many of their words I have actually typed and spoken myself the last few days.

Joshua Morriseau
Joshua Morriseau Day 2,139, 01:53

Thats why I love their music so much, I can connect to so much of it. Definitely my favourite break up album 🙂

Akashaton Day 2,139, 16:42

JM is a great addition to Norway, we are glad to have him join us!
He has made Norwegian politics more fun and boosted activity,
the short time he has spent with us.
It's not hard to imagine that he will be the Norwegian CP soon.
We encourage all Dutch emigrants to chose Norway as there new home;
we need the manpower. 😃

babk Day 2,139, 19:41

Well, about getting Joshua back to eNetherland, I think that will be a hard issue to negotiate. We love him here in eNorway ... but if your government come with the right sum of CC and gold, maybe we could arrange a lease contract for couple of months and then you get him back for the period of the contract.

MoFA eNorway

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