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[MISS eRepublik] eUSA National Selection

Day 1,921, 13:51 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Day 1921

Dear eAmericans,

some of you don't know, but our Government rejected to be a part of prestigious competition, a MISS eRepublik contest. It's shame for one glorious country like eUSA to don't have a decent representor in event like this one. So i took things in my hands and in coordination with main organiser, started national selection. So, let's start.

The 2nd Edition of Miss eRepublik was announced recently in this article.

This is an invitation to all our lovely ladies in eUnited states of America to enter our national competition.

eUSA is big country, and i'm sure we have a lot of beautiful ladies between us. They are all beautifull and we should be proud we have them in our rows.

National selection will take 4 days, and after that, we will proceed on voting article. The voting must end at February 28th, so that's give us nominations till Feb 26th and 2 days latter will be end of NS and we will pruodly present MISS of the eUSA.

Rules of the Contest

1. The contestant must have between 1 and 3 personal photos, unaltered in a photo editor program.
2. The contestant must have at least one photo that validates her as a eRepublik player - the easiest way is to have a photo in which she holds a paper with her eRepublik username - the name mustn't be added digitally over the picture.
3. The contestant must have the citizenship of the country she will represent, in this case eAmerican citizenship.
4. The contestant must be at least a level 15 user.

If you want to send an application, please send me a private message which must have:
- 1 to 3 personal photos, one with the eRepublik nickname;
- a message for eUSA as eMiss contestant;
- a response to the question: How would you describe beauty in less than 150 characters?

Prizes for our contestants and MISS of the eUSA will be announced latter, but we won't let down our ladies in this i'm sure. If you wish to donate to the contest, please send the donation to me and your name will be mentioned down here.

Let our ladies rule the eWorld \o/

For shout:

[MISS eRepublik] eUSA National Selection



MKDpedza Day 1,921, 14:03


Linkfoblasto Day 1,921, 16:33


Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,921, 18:37

Lol, is this another plot for Ajay to find women to stalk?

SexyCicko Day 1,921, 14:08


n0s3 Day 1,921, 14:10

that does not sound likely.

Artela Day 1,921, 14:24

This article is another of Hanibal's lies. The government has not rejected the idea. As neither Hanibal nor the AFA or the Shoe Party are official government representatives, anything they try to do on this will be rejected.

NoOnexRO Day 1,921, 14:47

This article is approved by ME. The government did nothing for the community for 15 days... to bring MY invitation and this event to them so... I accepted Hanibal's request.

Artela Day 1,921, 14:54

That is a lie, things were in hand. You have chosen to take a position where you are siding with PTOers in eUSA.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,921, 15:26

Artela, you are not even an American... in fact, your people are responsible for MANY crimes against ours.

Artela Day 1,921, 15:49

Give it a rest RGR - your xenophobic misogyny is beyond tiresome

MazzyCat Day 1,922, 15:35

The government did plenty. Just not in your eyesight. There was a certain timeline - We were on the timeline. Things were in order. Guess the concept of AMERICAN beauty was too much to handle. In YOUR article - There was more than ample time left. So don't give me (a would of been candidate) some trumped up line. It's insulting. It's rude. Our official government handled it. Why would ANY of us go to a single party to allow them to handle things for us? Let alone a PTO party!

I stand hurt. Offended. Nor will I forget.

NoOnexRO Day 1,923, 00:25

What so many of YOU fail to understand is that this event was not addressed to SOME of the american community, the ones that the government seem fit to place on election lists. This event was addressed to the whole community, PTOers (how you name those who pay taxes in USA) included. This is why a public announcement is more transparent than anything the government did behind closed doors for this event.

I say it again, those who wish to join will join to represent America no matter who wrote the article. Instead, if you wish to transform this event into a political fight everyone will loose.

Artela Day 1,923, 10:08

What *you* fail to understand NoOnexRO is that you have tainted this "competition" - no-one in any of the legitimate parties will even consider taking part with the way you have treated the eUSA here.

NoOnexRO Day 1,923, 10:11

It's not my problem that you have an attitude problem.

NoOnexRO Day 1,921, 14:55

Really? Point me to the government's article... You had 15 days to publish an article. Where is it?

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,921, 15:32

You want me to publish the screen shots of our PM's yesterday? Because that can happen. You know, the ones where I said that in the next two days we would have everything done, and you said "that's fine".

I'll point you to those screenshots if you'd like.

Oblige Day 1,921, 15:33

NoOnexRO - the government is not participating. The USA does not condone contests like these.

NoOnexRO Day 1,921, 15:34

That's fine what Mr. president?
To wait for YOU to send me a name without a public voting process?

NoOnexRO Day 1,921, 15:36

The EVENT is not for the GOVERNMENT. Is for the community, and who wishes to enter can... The voting will be public whether GOVERNMENT like it or not. The GOVERNMENT should have passed my invitation to the community. Now it will reach community to other channels.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Day 1,921, 15:51

you said it was fine if I gave you a link to the article with the voting process in 3-4 days. The plan was to put up the article tomorrow morning, let it run for 48 hours, and then send you the info. You agreed to this.

Artela Day 1,921, 15:53

Fact. You lied when you said you hadn't had contact with anyone in gov.
Fact. You lied when you said you were happy in correspondence with the timeline.
If you can lie so often so many times how do we know the competition will be fair?

NoOnexRO Day 1,921, 15:57

Hanibal did the article in 30 minutes. After 10 days you still tell me that you had a plan for the next 3-4 days? Please redirect all the ladies who registered to YOU here, so everyone will see who was on your list and in the end... people will vote because this is what I would like to have an event for the whole community. But... I do hope that you had someone on the list. Leave aside all your differences and work TOGETHER on this. IF you can... and I hope you can.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,921, 16:11

We al waited too long for Gov's article about this. i don't want to wait anymore,a dna s eUSA #2 journalist i decided to make some moves finally.

Avruch Day 1,921, 16:53

You're nuts if you think anyone worth a crap is going to participate in a contest run by someone who is buddies with RGR and Hanibal. It's a sad turn for the worldwide event, to discover its management associates with scum like them.

Artela Day 1,921, 17:34

Any eAmerican lady worth her salt is not going to cooperate with PTOers

Agent ballerina
Agent ballerina Day 1,921, 22:59

You know I was going to do this, but since you went to a PTO'er I'm out. Jefferson Locke so help me god if you forward my stuff to him...

NoOnexRO Day 1,922, 23:22

If american ladies do not want to represent eUSA in the final I respect that. You had this chance. Now we will see who will represent eUSA.

Kody5. Day 1,921, 18:39

Comment deleted

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,921, 18:52

i know you want me...

Viarizi Day 1,921, 21:21

Comment deleted

Viarizi Day 1,921, 22:16

reported for bigotry

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,923, 10:06

oh good, you now have an excuse to boycott this selection for miss... Just shut up, cause you weren't about to participate anyway.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,921, 14:27

@Artela, read an official MISS eRepublik article and don't say i'm lier cuz there is all written!

Second, i dont' care on your opinion, this is eUSA contest and every eAmerican is free to involve...

Vanek26 Day 1,921, 14:31

I know reading is hard, but try it sometime:
"Let's move to the states that didn't replied so far or didn't started the national selection.
The states with uncertain status in the International Final are:"

NoOnexRO Day 1,921, 14:56

I have updated the list with the states organizing a national selection. USA is there.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 1,921, 14:44

Oh... and I love how you side step the landmine of explaining why so many AFA folks decide every election to move to different parties just days before and then move back right after... Coincidence? I think not. Get educated on game mechanics people! RGR is just hoping you don't.

Vilar47 Day 1,921, 14:28


Lizardonis III
Lizardonis III Day 1,921, 14:32


faucoult Day 1,921, 14:33

reported for pornography xd

NoOnexRO Day 1,921, 14:50

Are you out of your mind? 30+ states are supporting pornography? I ask again: are you out of your mind?

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,921, 16:11

he's just joking 😉

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 1,921, 14:43

I LOVE IT! The propaganda that comes out right before an election from the same small group of people claiming the most outlandish things.

Oh... and I love how you side step the landmine of explaining why so many AFA folks decide every election to move to different parties just days before and then move back right after... Coincidence? I think not. Get educated on game mechanics people! RGR is just hoping you don't.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,921, 15:26

y u support obama?

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 1,921, 15:37

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so far off the button you could reach it with a planned mission to Mars...

pop George
pop George Day 1,921, 15:53

what the fudge does Obama have to do with this game...if Obama offered you a job, according to your own writings, you would jump on the bandwagon (but would you start using Ebonics)

pop George Day 1,921, 15:49

Comment deleted

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,921, 15:55

ITT attentionwhores

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,921, 15:56

who even cares about this?

Artela Day 1,921, 15:59

The only bit I care about is that this was in hand, and yet the organizer has gone to a PTOer instead

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Day 1,921, 16:07

Agreed, Artela. It's just another pathetic PR move. Poorly executed at that.

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