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[MH] Orders (day 1903) + Results

Day 1,903, 07:40 Published in Slovakia Poland by Kaileene

Viem ze som vam slubil orders uz od rana, ale choroba ma zlozila a spal som az doteraz.


Join Hungary

Dotacie sa zatial dostavaju nezavisle na avatare ( cize v plnej davke )
You will get tanks no matter of your avatar.

Vzorec/Formula: (hits/10)*1.5 q7 tanks

->Nezabudnite sa prihlasit na minibitku pred bojom a kliknut finish po boji. Otvorene po celu dobu kampane
->Dont forget to join minibattle before fighting and click finish after you are done. Open until end of campaign.


Successfully transferred 53 item(s) to Krt3cek.
Successfully transferred 18 item(s) to 4fakir.
Successfully transferred 33 item(s) to Kocurr.
Successfully transferred 17 item(s) to Artepko.
Successfully transferred 19 item(s) to Ludiacus.
Successfully transferred 15 item(s) to paulanet.



Krt3cek Day 1,903, 07:48


Kocurr Day 1,903, 07:48

Kaileene o7

x d x m
x d x m Day 1,903, 08:28


Luxia Borgia
Luxia Borgia Day 1,903, 10:26


Ludiacus Day 1,903, 10:55


Rene Gatronin
Rene Gatronin Day 1,904, 18:44

akú mini bitku?

conta.srdr Day 1,905, 00:01

nejako trtka tym erepublikom, sledoval som furt a ziadny clanok neukazovalo

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