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Day 1,843, 13:10 Published in Albania Israel by Lorcema

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As Afrodita Mf requested 😃 +++++++++++>

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Media Idea O-T-Road
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ArdiAlb Day 1,843, 13:17


A E N E A S Day 1,843, 13:19

Awesome article bro! Just awesome!

AleFM Day 1,843, 13:20


Lorcema Day 1,843, 13:21

Thanks A E N E A S, and congrats about the elections!

BarbanegraPC Day 1,843, 13:28

V! muy bueno, muy buena la idea, muy bueno tu albanes, aunque habria que revisar tu español!!!

Pablo Zaiko
Pablo Zaiko Day 1,843, 13:35


Leif Eiriksson
Leif Eiriksson Day 1,843, 13:39

Interesantísimo, excelente lo tuyo lorcema, sos grande!!

Stenka Razin
Stenka Razin Day 1,843, 13:40

votado, otro personaje (aunque olvidable es Enver Hoxa, je)

Arterio Day 1,843, 13:44

Felicitaciones!!! Hasta tener todas las banderas!!!

Arterio Day 1,843, 13:45

Felicitaciones!!! Hasta tener todas las banderas!!!

Luznodamas Day 1,843, 13:45


B O R D O Day 1,843, 13:47

Gran primer artículo, Lorce!
Hail Albania!

Red Stefan
Red Stefan Day 1,843, 13:51

Mother Teresa is from Skopje, Macedonia.

Severino Digiovanni vuelve
Severino Digiovanni vuelve Day 1,843, 13:53

muy bueno! votadsimo! si con media idea se puede hacer algo bien hecho, con una idea ni les cuento! aprendan petez!

Kumulonimbus555 Day 1,843, 13:55

Omg idiot you dont know your history

Blackbeard II
Blackbeard II Day 1,843, 13:57

ke ve ebam u siptarite smotani

Lorcema Day 1,843, 14:06

@Red Stefan: "By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus." see you later

@IvanVanchosBrother: you turn will become in the near future, do not be anxious

ArdiAlb Day 1,843, 14:11

Fyrom player you must to know your real history and dont say this stupid

Red Stefan
Red Stefan Day 1,843, 14:15

I don't need a quote, she was born in Skopje and leaved here until she became a nun and went on a mission in India.

enzq Day 1,843, 14:19


@Red Stefan: "By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus." see you later


Lapraksi Day 1,843, 14:19


ArdiAlb Day 1,843, 14:22

"By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus." see you later

Napoleon 54
Napoleon 54 Day 1,843, 14:23

Thanks for interiew

Proud to be ALBANIAN

Lorcema Day 1,843, 14:34

Red Stefan, you are right, she borned in Skopje, Macedonia and as I said, she is Albanian. Strange world.

And, it is a game! Have fun! I will be in Macedonia doing a great article, as well.

MarceloMusa Day 1,843, 14:35


Tetovar1 Day 1,843, 14:42

edhe BALLISTET ❤ 😛

Mr. BadAss
Mr. BadAss Day 1,843, 14:43

@Red Stefan NC idiot

E R M A L Day 1,843, 14:45

And skopje that this stefan is saying is the historical capital of Albanism, Gonxhe Bojaxhi btw couldn t speak your bulgar language, her 1st language was Shqip like the one that you hear in your fyromian parliament.

ekOoo Day 1,843, 14:48

Mother Teresa - Born in Skopje of course cause it is an Albanian city. Sadly now only 30% of the population there are Albanians, the rest are Bulgarians and some gypsies

Facu Uruguay
Facu Uruguay Day 1,843, 14:57

Votado y suscripto, me gusto mucho!

MaestroAkel Day 1,843, 15:00

Votado y suscripto, me gusto mucho

ujku76 Day 1,843, 15:02


Don't forget the blues brothers, John Belushi! Place a pic of him in the article please.

As for Mother Teresa, check with wikipedia:

E R M A L Day 1,843, 15:06

haha ujku,

even in zimbabwe peoples knows that she was albanian but these are Fyromians, they are proud of her only because she was born in macedonia but they don t say that half of Fyrom population is albanian.

Zek Punga
Zek Punga Day 1,843, 15:07


Lorcema Day 1,843, 15:08

@ujku76: I used Jim in the pics because of his beauty.
John is ugly 😛, and I tried to match the albanian girls beauty xD

Arius argiri
Arius argiri Day 1,843, 15:15

shqiperia vendi i artisteve vendi i shkrimtareve vendi i heronjeve vendi i partizanit te tiranes (skuadra ime e zemres!) por edhe vendi i spiunave qe kan shitur shoket dhe vellezerit e tyre per dy para dhe vendi i spiuneve edhe ne erepublik ku raportojne shpifin kompllotojne ,vendi i perandoreve me kuror prej kashte dhe i i pseudointelektualeve qe blejne dipllomat por kjo nuk i pengon te ndjehen me te diturit ne bote , vendi i lapangjozeve qe meqe dine te shqiptojne "te qif.. ket apo ate"

Arius argiri
Arius argiri Day 1,843, 15:17

i bejne te ndjehen te gjithepushtetshem vendi i maskarenjeve qe krenohen me vjedhjet dhe mashtrimet qe ka qene ne gjendje te pjelli mendja e tyre shterpe ...
E pra shqiperia e jone ka shume si keta si ne loje ashtu si edhe ne jeten reale dhe nese nuk i heqim qafe nuk do te na lejojne ta shijojme suksesin e vendit tone as ne kete loje dhe as ne jeten reale!
me respekt arius argiri

Skenerbeuu Day 1,843, 15:19

te lumte

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,843, 15:20

A tbon goja lum ty najher o vlla ?

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,843, 15:25

Good Job my friend I salute you o7

megacarnage Day 1,843, 15:26

excelente, votadisimo!

Skenerbeuu Day 1,843, 15:50

mere tash edhe nje artikull me sportistet sidomos te atyre luftarake se keta QEN SLAV te FYROMIT lypin ma shm se qi krejt

Skenerbeuu Day 1,843, 15:54

ebah ti plemeto koe go nemas
ebah ti jazikot koj go nemas
ebah ti verata koja ja nemas
da ti ebam zenski rod koj go imas

enzq Day 1,843, 16:19

Arius je i papam per zotin, vetem mos pi shum redbull se tben dem 😛

donjuanpa Day 1,843, 16:38


Afrodita Mf
Afrodita Mf Day 1,843, 16:46

hey lorcema, the greatest team in Albania not just for the number of trophies is FK TIRANA, then Partizani Tirana, Dinamo Tirana, so no one can forget the historical Vllaznia Shkoder and some good years from Flamurtari Vlore. So the avatar of Skenderbeu have to be the last one hihihihihi is like Anzhi or City style, four rich mans take this team and bring it from second to first league, so this will be the third years they win the league but lost all cup and super cup against FK Tirana : D

PerparimKosova Day 1,843, 16:50

V - S .

Afrodita Mf
Afrodita Mf Day 1,843, 16:55

for fyromians, do u see Shkup, the capital of Dardanians-illyrians tribe or clan, the only native people of the Illyrians penisula, ballkan was the Otoman name, do u see how beautiful it was in RED and BLACK in this days. Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in albanians means Bud/Stitch Flower Painter, so stop thefts albanians history and stop hiding to your self the truth. Dont u know that slavic population came in Illyrians area starting from 7-th century, so u cant take the history of real macedonians

Afrodita Mf
Afrodita Mf Day 1,843, 17:03

and make it yours just because u live there now. England was made by Anglo-Saxony but they are not celtic or irish and most important thing, english doesnt thefts the history of the others.

Lorcema, when Rome was born, around 750 bc, illyrians city and clan was the reality of the area, so what is that 350 bc, a little bit later we have the war with Rome empire and after the classic vidi et vinci the illyrians people choose to be alleat with Rome and give to this empire great warriors

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