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[MDP] The Rightful Dictator

Day 1,776, 10:26 Published in Canada Turkey by Venerable

I don't know if Addy is MDP material or not.
He wouldn't have in the good old days. But the MDP these days is a watered down pussified version of itself. I'm sure he'll do just fine.

Venerable: Of course Addy is MDP material. All men may serve the Dictator. They just have to bow their head and kneel.

Greetings fellow eCitizens,

I am almost pleased that the MDP pot is stirring. As Addy, and those of you who read my previous article knows, this was my goal. In fact, many of my goals for MDP mirror those of Addy’s, which he knew before publishing his article, because we have been conferring about this business through ingame PMs. But we’ll get to that later. For now, the recent past of MDP.

Before even this can be done, I must allude to a conversation MaryChan and I had last night. In the center of MDP there is a concept. Beyond the tenets, new and old, there is a fundamental yet intangible consistency. Those of MDP know this, they feel it, even if they don’t realize it. This is why the members have stayed, for the most part. But enough of this, for now.

The Recent Past

As all of you may/should know, Simon is lazy. Simon also does not like to roleplay. Due to these things, he has let the MDP stagnate publicly. He cares little for show, for labels such as the Council, as well as for PR related articles. Instead, nearly all party happenings occur in real-time over the IRC, without fluff. MaryChan, myself, Leo, the occasional Rylde, and a few others who frequent the room are among these men and ‘woman’ that could be called “Councilmen.” As far as the Dictator has been concerned, this was good enough.

The interesting thing about a Dictatorship, is the fact that it is indeed a Dictatorship. If Simon, as Dictator, decided he wanted to run the party into the ground, it would be in his power to do so. As followers of MDP, we would have no power against him. By acknowledging that our entire goal, our (see reference above) endgame, is to follow a Dictator, we become his loyal and faithful subjects. If it became apparent that he wasn’t going to pass over the party, those of us who disagreed with it would leave.

The Addy Situation

And now we come to Addy’s run at Party President. I distinctly reference the eRepublik title, because as the “Council” of MDP has decided, this is all that Addy could be. He could not be Dictator.

In fact, Addy’s very “run” at Party Presidency renders the intangible concept of MDP void. It directly contradicts the essence of the party, despite whether his intentions are positive or negative. This is a critical point. Even if Addy has good intentions, as he has sworn to me, he is still destroying that fundamental concept. This can only be a PTO, for it defies the Party.

The Venerable Dictator

Simon has mandated me to become the rightful Dictator for a few reasons. Unlike him, I enjoy roleplay. I also take my roles very seriously, and do all that I can to perpetuate them. I am a man of structure, and of words. I will once more flesh out the MDP, and do my best to restore it to the distinct and powerful Party that it could be. I am sincere. Yet I am also more. I am determined, and critical to the point, as my dear friend Plugson could tell you from our lovely PMs. I am confident, and I am vigilant. I will remain steadfast in my attempts until they have become actualized.

With these virtues in mind, I have been forming a plan for MDP for quite some time. As mentioned before, many of Addy’s goals are similar to mine. For example, I will be reinstating a Military Council that will not be solely operating via IRC. I will also be returning focus to the Tenants of MDP, though I anticipate some clarification and minute changes will be taking place. As stated among these Tenants, I will work to establish MU funding, despite my own, personal religious Military Unit, as well as economic security. As for War, I shouldn’t have to say anything. There will be blood.

The Coalition

Now the involvement with the Coalition. Norsefire and MDP are fundamentally different on various accounts. Norsefire operates primarily through subterfuge and misdirection, while the MDP Dictators of the past have preferred a more direct and pronounced approach. In combination with Simon’s inattention to all things public, this has given the appearance that we have changed our code. This is not true, and the blurred lines will be sharpened.

The Coalition was formed for two main reasons. One, eCanada was getting very boring. It was a rinse/repeat scenario every month, which is something that is currently not the case. Two, both parties have a similar endgame scenario. In the event of a MDP or Norsefire executive and/or legislative, the country would be left with a fast paced government. This was seen directly in Rylde’s second term. The distinctions between the two parties, for they are not “one,” are methodology and belief.

As Dictator, I will not be doing away with the Coalition entirely. I will, however, be taking a step back from it. The two parties will continue to act as friends, and the term “Coalition” may as well be kept. They will be as individuals who wish to obtain similar goals, but they will no longer be seen as the same. Subterfuge will NOT be a principal associated with MDP. From the moment of my election, direct inter-party influence will be a thing of the past.

A Final Note

Let me clarify that this article is not a campaigning run. It serves as both an article of information, and a Call to Arms to the soldiers of the MDP. Your Dictatorship is under direct attack, and you will fight to insure it remains pure. You will fight because that is what you do, because you are the ever-present loyal force of the Military Dictatorship Party. There will be no quarter given.

The Prophet of Mitos
Commander of the Holy Order
Rightful Future Dictator of MDP


Vrykolaus Drauvik
Vrykolaus Drauvik Day 1,776, 10:37

Venerable represents everything the MDP requires for leadership and growth.

Plugson Day 1,776, 10:40

This may be a situation where roleplay (people mechanics) and gameplay (game mechanics) collide into each other with great inertia and force.

As with all battles in the game (battegrounds and political arenas), the victor will be the one with the most people and tanks behind him.

With that said, MDP has had a strong and interesting legacy. It was shame (in my mind) to see it humbled through its recent alliance as a gambit for power. I'm glad both you and Addy seek to remedy this.

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,776, 10:44

"Leadership is pre-ordained and not open to democratic vote."

When quarter was sought from Norsefire to strengthen MDP's performance in the nation's democracy, this tenet was violated. The lack of a military council permitted it. MDP requires a baptism of fire to make it whole again.

I am pleased to see your leadership align with the compass heading that I've laid out, but I am disappointed to see the crutch with Norsefire remain.

Venerable Day 1,776, 10:55

Again, there was a military council in all but name. And there was no quarter sought. You're adding pieces to a puzzle that you clearly have little knowledge of. Which only suites my claim. There is also no crutch, just an acknowledgement of similar endgame scenario.

Yet the fact remains, MDP is under assault. Troops, prepare for war.

Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,776, 11:23


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,776, 11:36

Per SBR, the MDP Council of party members was replaced by a Coalition Leadership Group that included non-party members. This is clearly not plug-and-play replacement and consistent with "a rose by any other name...". Ironically, if I'm wrong and it is a plug-and-play replacement, then I have every claim to lead given the presence of non-party members in the Coalition Leadership Group.

MDP has been under assault for months, prepare for war by standing fast and losing the crutch.

Venerable Day 1,776, 12:13

Again, you're stating things you know nothing of. The members that conversed with SBR about MDP, were MDP. Those that were involved with Coalition proceedings were from both parties. Does Canada become under assault because it signs mpps and alliances? No, it's making strategic moves.

Of course, you were never there, nor apparently did you do any research on the matter. You're trying to gain support through baseless assumptions.

screamingslave Day 1,776, 12:25

these points are all moot.

Either the MDP is still a functioning dictatorship that will rally around the selected candidate, or they need to be rejuvenated and that will be proved by people voting for somebody not even from the party 2 days ago.

worst case scenario Addy pulls an aerialalalala and changes the party name and sinks it until Rylde gets drunk and angry one night and rebuilds it himself again.....

Jacobi Day 1,776, 12:34


Whomever leads the MDP, they can expect to enjoy many months of roleplaying in opposition. Three months of governing was two months too many.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,776, 12:45

I stand by Venerable.
I acknowledge your criticisms, Addy, but it's not your place to address these problems to move MDP forward. You were never a part of MDP and you have no right to take it as yours.

Venerable Day 1,776, 12:52

The part that interests me most is that he's addressing them anyway, when the plan has already been set in motion by loyal MDP members.

It seems to me that he's either A) looking for a quick PP in a top 5 party he thinks is divided, or 😎 trying to take a jab at Rolo.

You don't go from fighting against a country, to having that country's best intentions at heart, in a split second, without an alternative motive.

TheBurningMan Day 1,776, 12:56

Well this is gonna get messy pretty soon

Venerable Day 1,776, 13:02

It shouldn't get messy. From what I know of Addy, we're both cool headed individuals.

Just trying to find all of the pieces.

Utat Day 1,776, 14:22


powerown64 Day 1,776, 15:20

You act as if you were there to create the MDP.

Muglack is completely justified in saying that Addy has a shot with this new MDP. The old badass MDP left when they decided to ally themselves with the people they sought to destroy.

-powerown64, Co-Founder of the MDP

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 1,776, 15:25

As an outside view of MDP, Venerable is the obvious choice over Addy, and its probably the same view on the inside.

Venerable Day 1,776, 15:26

I have no reason to have been there to create the MDP. Those who believe age is relative are blinded by a facade.

It is entirely possible that the current MDP has changed from what it once was. That is the nature of all things. To cast aside strategy is to be ignorant. Rylde was granted his presidency, and congress was controlled as if to create a true Dictatorship. Had that happened before? Had the goals of the MDP ever before been entirely actualized?

Venerable Day 1,776, 15:27

Change is in the hands of the Dictator.

SBR has led MDP to greatness, yet at the same time his dislike of roleplay and PR has let its image slide downhill. This will be rectified.

powerown64 Day 1,776, 15:34

The MDP has never had a dictatorship, it's always been Rolo and his goons.

You want to prove the MDP's worth? Pull out of all ties with other parties and then attempt to do it yourself.

The MDP was about pushing military ideals, not allying with everyone else and trying to correlate their plans with em.

powerown64 Day 1,776, 15:36

Also, side note, isn't it ironic how Addy goes for the presidency of a party that he was in total competition against when it began? How Addy tried to reject all MDP ideals?

Regardless of what I said, Venerable > Addy

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Day 1,776, 15:56

SO this is what a supernova looks like... watch you don't get sucked into impending black hole.

TheBurningMan Day 1,776, 16:40

^told you, messy, well somewhat messy.

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,776, 17:33

The MDP was never about a Council.
It was never about things like the Coalition.
It was never about irresponsible government.

It was about Rylde as Dictator. The rest sucking his banana. And war.

It has degenerated from something I used to hate, but at the same time, be wary of, to something that needs to merge with the deepest evil in eCanada to survive.

Let's face it. Without Rylde, the MDP is nothing useful.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,776, 17:35

"Also, side note, isn't it ironic how Addy goes for the presidency of a party that he was in total competition against when it began? How Addy tried to reject all MDP ideals?

Regardless of what I said, Venerable > Addy"

I agree wholeheartedly powerown. I was not there at the birth of MDP, but I've been an observer and member for long enough to know that anything with the taint of MOO needs to be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

Take a walk Addy, you see weakness where weakness...

Venoms III
Venoms III Day 1,776, 17:35

This is all simons fault.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,776, 17:37

does not exist. You desire the PP of MDP only as either a new feather in your filthy shite encrusted cap, or to gain vengeance on those who you feel have wronged you.

Do us all a favour, instead of going for the proverbial "record 4th CP term in a row" just exit stage left, your entourage will be waiting for you.

Insane Ferret
Insane Ferret Day 1,776, 17:45

um ok

TheBurningMan Day 1,776, 17:58

@Insane Ferret just nod your head and smile.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 1,776, 18:06

Hail Venerable!
You have my blade Dictator! o7

Foxfire Day 1,776, 21:05

MDP is crying about a potential PTO. That's called karma right there.

Leo Balzac
Leo Balzac Day 1,776, 21:49

no Foxfire, it's called eRep, welcome to your future.

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,777, 15:03

Rylde is the only true dictator. The rest of you just play at dictator.

powerown64 Day 1,779, 18:58

Does anyone actually remember how the MDP was founded? If you look back hard enough it was me asking Rylde to co-found it with me. The council was formed because we decided that a small oligarchy should control the party, not just 1 person.

Just a reply to all those "RYLDE CONTROLS THE MDP!!!" Fanatics.

Jeez, no respect nowadays.

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